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Product Review: Terp Timer App

Photos courtesy Terp Timer


Product Review: Terp Timer App

This nifty, free iPhone application will help you achieve terpene-filled, perfectly tasting dabs.

Professional photographer Martin Clifford was chilling at a smoke session, surrounded by his comrades happily heating up their dab rigs, when he looked up and realized he was staring out over a table filled with boring black phone timers.

“There’s no personality to the standard timer,” Clifford told Cannabis Now, remembering the day he decided to create his stylish iPhone app, Terp Timer. “If we’re going to be using a timer to make sure our dabs are the right temperature for the right terpenes and flavor, it should be a pleasant experience and one that’s tailored to our community.”

So Clifford set out to create his own dab timer application that is catered specifically to the cannabis community. And taking quality dabs is a precise business, so Clifford ensures that almost everything in Terp Timer is customizable.

In Terp Timer, users can set the timer to less than a minute — at intervals of 45, 50 and 55 seconds, or at any custom setting they please — for that precise temperature point. Users can choose the alarm’s sound effects, whether or not they get a visual alert on the screen and if they want their phone to vibrate when the time is up. The app also gives you a reminder chime at 10 seconds to get you ready to dab, has a pleasant bubbling sound when the time is up and also includes a “hangtime” setting that starts the timer immediately counting up from zero once it goes off, allowing you to see exactly just how long your dab really was.

Clifford is also updating the app to make sure that it works even if you open another application during the heating process. “The standard Apple timer doesn’t have a core audience of stoners who forget things,” said Clifford. “I personally forget to take my dab a lot. I’ll set my timer, start searching Instagram and then I’ll forget I even wanted to smoke.”

The app includes gallery of stunning wallpaper photos of delicious concentrates oozing and crumbling over dab tools. All the photos were taken by Clifford himself, as he is a professional photographer in the cannabis industry. (Full disclosure, Clifford has contributed his photography to Cannabis Now in the past.) Of course, because of the Terp Timer’s emphasis on customizability, you can also set your own photo as the wallpaper behind the timer — but why would you?

The Terp Timer is free from the App Store, though users can choose whether or not they want to leave a “tip” for Clifford — ranging from a “Nug Run Level Tip” at 99 cents to a “Solventless Level Tip” at $4.99.

We say that this app is worth the small, voluntary price. Life has enough mundanity, so why not leave behind your standard timed and gaze at some glorious globs while you wait to start your dab party?

TELL US, do you use a timer to achieve the perfect dab rig temperature?

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