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Washington State Releases Strict Ad Rules

A woman hangs a banner outside her business marking that dispensary as the "First Legal Cannabis Store" in Washington.
Photo by Zulma Rex


Washington State Releases Strict Ad Rules

Good luck figuring out where to buy any marijuana in Washington. The Liquor Control Board released a detailed list of regulations regarding signage, events and sponsorships for licensed cannabis retail stores throughout the state.

Under the rules, establishments are prohibited from painting or otherwise displaying a cannabis leaf, pipe or any other image associated with marijuana at all on the property. Additionally, they can only have one single 1,600 square foot sign with only their business name on it. Employees are forbidden from discussing the medical benefits with customers and are limited to only describing the effects of the strains with terms including “uplifted, happy, energetic, creative, focused.”

Dispensaries will also not be allowed to have customers place orders online or deliver cannabis to patrons. All business will have to take place on the premises, which must be a certain distance away from all schools, parks, libraries, arcades, recreation centers and child care facilities. Retail locations will also not be able to enter their product into any Cups or competitions.

What do you think about Washington’s regulations? Share in the comments.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. wesley

    December 19, 2014 at 11:15 pm

    Its unconstitutional , how do you make it legal which should be a constitutional right in the first place , then hand cuff them in a way that prevents them from having a successful business’s . You don’t do this with alcohol or cigarettes. Why not share with people the effects of what strand would be good for what. There just trying to create laws to be broken so police would have new reasons for arresting people. Job security built into the plan. Its legal but its not. Don’t worry they will just go to Oregon and get it.

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