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Strain Review: Kyle Kushman’s Veganic Tangie

Spry Cannabis Plant of Kyle Kushman's Veganic Tangie in Warm Light.
Photo courtesy Buds & Roses

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Strain Review: Kyle Kushman’s Veganic Tangie

The name “Tangie” is short for tangerine, but it rhymes with “Angie,” like the the Rolling Stones’ song. Sing it with me: “Tangie. Taaaangie. When will those clouds all disappear?” Good question. The sample of Tangie I tried, grown by master grower Kyle Kushman for Buds & Roses Collective definitely had my head in the clouds. Kushman grows an exclusive line of “Veganic” strains for Buds & Roses, meaning no animals were harmed or used in the process of making these organically grown strains, but even omnivores can distinguish the taste of superbly grown cannabis standard in the Veganic line.

Tangie started out as a Cali-O x Skunk hybrid that the good folks at DNA seeds refined into the amazing strain we now know and love. This strain has been winning contests all over the world, mostly because of its incredible smell and flavor.

The smell is the first thing you notice: a full-blown citrus explosion, like cutting into a perfectly ripe tangerine. The terpene limonene makes this strain smell so good. Orangeish red hairs and tiny glistening crystals give Tangie undeniable bag appeal.

This is such a flavorful strain. Pure citrus and an easy smooth smoke. The cure on this bud was phenomenal and I really enjoyed the effects. Not to mention it is so covered with trichomes my grinder produced a whole bowl of fluffy yellow kief from just the sample. “When will the clouds all disappear?” Indeed.

The high was cloudy and mellow but upbeat. I wouldn’t smoke it before work, but definitely before a movie or a video game session. I didn’t expect to feel so mellow because my understanding is that Tangie is a sativa dominant hybrid, but I felt way more languid than I usually do when smoking a sativa.

For those that like to grow their own, a few Tangie clones would be a great addition to the stable. Tangie is a good yielder and does well outdoors, finishing in about 10 weeks or so. It gets kind of big and it is crazy stinky, so make sure you have enough space and ventilation for your indoor grow room.

To sum up: Tangie is delicious and delightful. Kyle Kushman is good at his gig, and Buds & Roses has a nice strain on its hands. Er, shelves.

Originally published in issue 10 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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