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Top Strains For Your Fourth of July Celebration

Fourth of July Strains
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Top Strains For Your Fourth of July Celebration

Here are four cannabis strains to help you elevate your Fourth of July holiday.

There’s nothing quite like celebrating your country’s 241st birthday with some fine cannabis, and this year we’ve got you covered will all the herbal accessories you’ll need to make the fireworks look even cooler!

As with every Independence Day, those hot dogs aren’t going to eat themselves. You’re going to need the proper fuels to start in the early afternoon with the barbeque, progress onto the municipal fireworks display, and finally close the night off with that bonfire that’s likely not exactly up to code.

As always, remember to consume responsibly — especially where fireworks are involved.

Alien Lab’s Melonade

This strain is responsible for one-third of Alien Labs’ sweep at the 2018 Cannabis Cup in Sacramento — where the cultivators took home all three flower trophies — so Melonade has already instantaneously entered the folklore. The Watermelon Zkittlez x Lemon Tree #11 cross was bred by Midwest Best, a team of Oakland, California-based breeders who stamped the map with this one. The actual propagation effort to find the winning phenotype was done by Alien Labs, who popped 30 seeds of the Melonade and ended up with a watermelon-dominant phenotype that has become a hit. Recently, the award winners described Melonade as “refreshing like a slice of watermelon on a hot summer day.” We recommend pairing it with your fruit salad appetizer to start the Fourth of July off right.

Star Killer

The British Royal Navy was the star of eighteenth-century imperialism, so it would have been pretty sweet if the Minutemen militia at Lexington and Concord had some Star Killer OG during the American Revolution. We might have won the war much faster. But sadly, Paul Revere was a couple of centuries early for the Star Killer trip and wouldn’t have been able to score some from the Massachusetts delivery service Garden Remedies. The Rare Dankness-bred strain pairs their famous Rare Dankness #2 with a fantastic Skywalker OG — a strain which is currently one of the top OGs varieties. So, if you see two lanterns lit in Boston’s Old North Church this weekend, be sure to order your Star Killer immediately.

Floracal’s Lemon Banana Sherbert

One of the finer companies to make it through the regulatory hoops that kicked in for the California cannabis industry on July 1, Floracal has some of the best bang for the buck around when it comes to their gold label jars. When we see cannabis like Floracal’s selling for $45 or cheaper, it’s hard to swallow how one could spend $55 on a midsy eighth instead of putting that $10 towards a slightly larger variety pack of fireworks. We checked out their Lemon Banana Sherbert, and determined that it was the perfect combination of dense and filled with trichomes that crumbled in between your fingers with little effort. Plus, the flavor included many sweet notes, with the tangy lemon taste coming as a back note. The strain provided a substantially upbeat high, so it shouldn’t slow you down throughout your Fourth of July celebrations.

Red, White & Blue Dream

Not everyone at the Fourth of July cookout is qualified to smoke high-end cannabis. For those kinds of scenarios, we recommend a solid Blue Dream. This cross of DJ Short’s Old School Blueberry and Haze has been watered down quite a bit over the last decade, which means you won’t have to worry about someone eating all the hamburgers or falling asleep. Your relatives will be able to smoke Blue Dream all day, and by this time next year, you’ll be changing the sign outside the party to read: “The Marley Family’s Fourth of July BBQ.”

TELL US, what are you smoking this Fourth of July?

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