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Top Cannabis Strains of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Cannabis Now 2018 FIFA World Cup Strains
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Top Cannabis Strains of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

In the spirit of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, held this year in Russia, we’ve rounded up some of the top international cannabis strains — all of whom represent their home countries with pride on the international cannabis stage.

The most popular international sporting event is back, and we’ve got the strains that many cannabis-producing nations will be representing on their quest to win it all at the 2018 FIFA World Cup final in Moscow next month.

For most of the planet, nothing brings people together like a game of football — that version of football where the teams wear their national flags and only use their feet. This World Cup, we will celebrate some of the classic strains many of the 32 qualifying countries are known for, and also give some love to exciting cuts popping up in new places!

With both the United States and the Netherlands failing to qualify for this year’s World Cup, it’s still up for grabs which country can brag about having the best cannabis to return home to. All of these picks are absolutely contenders for top strain of the World Cup.

England: UK Cheese

Both UK Cheese and England’s “golden generation” of footballers came to prominence in the mid-2000s. But only one actually took home a world championship, and it certainly wasn’t David Beckham. The original Cheese cut was a Skunk #1 seed popped in England on the outskirts of London in 1988 before it was passed on to Exodus, a cultivator who made a bunch more seeds, gave it to everybody and their brother. Today, Exodus Cheese is one of the most popular versions of UK Cheese.

Colombia: Colombian Gold

From the famed Santa Marta Mountains of Colombia, the county’s most famous strain has been popular with connoisseurs around the world for decades. It’s also one of the great landrace strains of the Western Hemisphere. This heady sativa is sure to fuel the South American qualifiers on a great run in Russia this year.

Mexico: Brick Weed

It’s almost like Mexico took all the brick weed that isn’t going to the U.S. anymore, stacked it in front of the goal and named it Guillermo Ochoa. Mexico’s No. 1 goalie put on a mesmerizing performance in Mexico’s opening game against the defending champions from Germany, and if he keeps it up, Mexico is likely to go on another one of their deep runs in the tournament or maybe even take home the trophy! Viva The Great Wall of Mexico!

Spain: Jack El Frutero a.k.a. Fruity Jack

Spain is off to a tepid start after they tied with to their Iberian neighbors, Portugal, in their much-anticipated opening match. However, Spain still can revel in their championship wins in the cannabis sphere, thanks to Spannabis’s CBD winner Fruity Jack. The best-in-show in Barcelona this year was bred by Philosopher Seeds, merging Respect #13 and the TGA classic Jack the Ripper. Fruity Jack is now one of the best CBD cuts in Europe and should be perfect for helping the national team with their light aches and pains caused by Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

Panama: Panama Red

The second landrace strain to make the list, Panama Red is another famous South American sativa known for its buzzing head high. According to Reeferman Genetics, this strain is very similar to the modern Punta Rojo strain that the Strainhunters went looking for, but much stronger. Panama has already lost a game to the highly ranked Belgian team, but they’ll have no problem talking for hours about what went wrong after smoking some Panama Red.

Morocco: Hash

Morocco lost their first game in Group B against fellow hash enthusiasts Iran. It’s not going to get any easier, as they face Portugal and Spain next, but there is nothing like a brick of hashish from Rabat to make you appreciate the possibilities. Morocco is fresh off the news that they missed out on hosting the 2026 World Cup to the joint U.S./Canada/Mexico bid. Instead of pretending they won and building all the hotels and stadiums anyway in hopes of success in 2030, Morocco should invest in solvent extraction to show the world how progressive they are!

TELL US, what international strains are you smoking this World Cup?

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