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The Show Goes On, The Colorado Symphony Continues Marijuana Concerts Despite Warnings

The tuba player of the Colorado Symphony has smoke coming out of the bell of his instrument at CS's famous "bring your own marijuana" concerts.
Photo courtesy of Green Labs Denver


The Show Goes On, The Colorado Symphony Continues Marijuana Concerts Despite Warnings

Despite warnings from the city of Denver – the Colorado Symphony Orchestra (CSO) is moving forward with a series of Bring Your Own Marijuana concerts.

According to the Colorado’s Symphony’s site: “Classically Cannabis: The High Note Series marks a new partnership between the Colorado Symphony and the industry that supports legal cannabis in Colorado, which is expected to contribute more than $67 million in tax revenue to the State of Colorado in 2014.”

The money from the three concerts is set to benefit the symphony, which has struggled financially for years, according to the Denver Post.

“We see ourselves as connecting classical music with all of Colorado,” CSO executive director Jerry Kern told the Denver Post. “Part of our goal is to bring in a younger audience and a more diverse audience, and I would suggest that the patrons of the cannabis industry are both younger and more diverse than the patrons of the symphony orchestra.”

This isn’t the first time the Colorado Symphony has planned more inclusive events beyond the typical black tie and Brahms crowd. In addition to Classically Cannabis, the symphony has planned a Red Rocks event with Pretty Lights, an electronic DJ as well as ongoing events like Beethoven and Brews, a performance paired with beer tasting at the Lone Tree Brewing Co., and their Remix Series, a group of concerts targeted at young professionals.

The first of the three concerts was held on May 23.

“I’m a fan of the symphony so whenever I get the chance I like to come” Guest Michael Lund told CBS News. ” And then I thought this is historic.”

Jane West, owner of Edible Events, the party organizing company that helped plan each Classically Cannabis event said: “There’s a lot of misconceptions about what a cannabis consumer looks like and we’re just breaking those here tonight.”

Some were concerned more conservative crowds that have supported the Colorado Symphony in the past would be displeased and Kern agrees there was a minor backlash; however, he notes: “With the exception of one or two, those people had never bought tickets or made a donation to the orchestra.”

The next Classically Cannabis event is to take place on July 18. The event is invitation only and will take place in a private space, as to abide with Colorado law.

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