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The Best Photos From Cannabis Now’s SXSW Hemp Today Event


The Best Photos From Cannabis Now’s SXSW Hemp Today Event

PHOTOS Gracie Malley for Cannabis Now

The Best Photos From Cannabis Now’s SXSW Hemp Today Event

Highlights include Curren$y and Devin the Dude smoking fat blunts on stage (and reading our magazine) at SXSW’s first official event featuring hemp and CBD.

Sixth Street in Austin, Texas is jammed packed with pedestrians traveling in and out of bars and venues — because it’s the annual South by Southwest Festival and that means these popular locations are now transformed into immersive experiences each night and broken down the following day so a new event can blossom out into the humid Texas night.

At one corner of the pedestrian-heavy street, we here at Cannabis Now Magazine jumped in the mad fray of the festival’s music, film, comedy and gaming events with an immersive experience of our own.

Hemp Today was SXSW’s first official event featuring hemp and CBD. The event, held on March 12 and 13, included two days of panels on the cannabis and hemp business and media space, a number of different hemp and CBD booths, verifiable sports superstars like Matt Barnes and Nick Moody and musical performances by Curren$y and Devin the Dude.

One week later, we’re still feeling the positive vibes of sharing our knowledge of the plant with so many of you. All in all, more than 8,000 attendees joined us to talk about the future of hemp and the potential promises of the CBD cannabinoid, in terms of both wellness routines and medicinal possibilities. And while hemp has been an American staple since the days of Uncle Sam, the conversation about cannabis has never been discussed at a taste-making event the likes of SXSW.

For those who attended SXSW this year, we hope you caught the premiere of “Us” with Jordan Peele and partied tough with Dan Rather after his media panel. For those who couldn’t join us this time, take a look at some of the fun times we had.

Day 1

The Hemp Today event kicked off with a panel involving the use of CBD for recovery and relief. Panelists included former San Francisco 49er Nick Moody, who uses cannabis pre-game to cope with the anxiety that can be associated with overthinking on the field. The Green Lab also presented Hue for Every Man which offered attendees free haircuts throughout the event. In addition, we debuted an episode of Cannabis Now TV, starring Cannabis Now’s publisher Eugenio Garcia.

Downstairs, there was a terpene wall by True Terpenes, Instagram-famous pets and free massages with CBD oil from Eaze Wellness. Upstairs, CBD Lion provided CBD dabs (thanks to Dab Nation for the rigs) and CBD-infused cocktails. The night closed with Curren$y offering an energetic performance in the mild rain that included jumping off the stage into the crowd to end the set.

Cannabis at SXSW
Cannabis Now hosts an activation on Sixth Street in conjunction with the SXSW festival.
The CBD for Athletes panel during Hemp Today at SXSW featuring (from left) Alex Capano, Terrell Jones, Betsy Holland and Matt Barnes. Nick Moody (not pictured) also joined in the discussion centering around using CBD for athletic performance.
Attendees listen to the CBD for athletes panel at the Hemp Today SXSW activation.
An attendee interacts with the dogs brought by Great Golden Weenie.
Cannabis entrepreneur and activist Steve DeAngelo stands in front of the #cannabisnow neon sign at the Hemp Today activation at SXSW.
A dog from Great Golden Weenie of Austin strikes a pose.
Attendees listen to the CBD for athletes panel from the CBD Lion Hemp Lounge at the Hemp Today SXSW activation.
Eaze Wellness provides massages during the Hemp Today activation.
The CBD for Athletes panel during Hemp Today at SXSW featuring Matt Barnes, Nick Moody, Terrell Jones, Alex Capano and Betsy Holland.
#cannabisnow neon sign glows during a performance by Curren$y.
OMB Bloodbath performs at the Hemp Today SXSW event.
DJ Supermcn4sty does a set between artists.
Performer Leaf fires up the crowd.
Curren$y performs to close the first night of the two-day event.
Curren$y performs from behind a cloud of smoke.
Curren$y hangs out with Cannabis Now in the green room, sharing a joint.
Curren$y closed the night by jumping into the crowd.

Day 2

The second day of Hemp Today included two panels on the potentials and pitfalls of the hemp marketplace, as well as branding and marketing in the cannabis media space. Esteemed panelists included cannabis entrepreneurs Matthew Morgan and Steve DeAngelo, alongside several other noted experts in the field.

We screened a mini-documentary (Netflix, we’re looking at you) and closed the evening with the intentionally smooth grooves of Devin the Dude.

Cannabis at SXSW
The sun was shining on day two.
Julia Clark-Riddell moderates a panel on the potentials and pitfalls of CBD. The panel included Matthew Morgan, David Heldreth, Michael Freelander and Paola Fernandez.
Austin Pets Alive brought some puppies for day two of Hemp Today’s SXSW event.
Ellen Holland moderates a panel on branding and marketing with (from left) Jared Mirsky, Steve DeAngelo, Daniel Stein and Nancy Whiteman.
Steve DeAngelo speaks about the promises of cannabis.
The True Terpenes at the Hemp Today activation at SXSW explains terpenes to attendees at the event.
Cannabis Now publisher Eugenio Garcia introduces the next event at the Hemp Today showcase.
The CBD Lion and Dab Nation Hemp Lounge activation.
The G pen booth at the Hemp Today activation at SXSW.
Matt Barnes’ company Hue provides haircuts.
Food for Cougars opens up the night on day 2 of the Hemp Today activation.
The audience dances during the performances.
Performers rap at the Hemp Today music portion.
Devin the Dude closes the second night.
Devin the Dude smokes on stage.
Devin the Dude keeps the cannabis in rotation.

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