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Strain Review: Ruder (ruderalis)

Growing Cannabis Plants of the Ruderalis Variety
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Strain Review: Ruder (ruderalis)

Ruder is a strain belonging to the ruderalis species of the cannabis genus. Ruderalis is found in the northern Himalayas and southern part of the former Soviet Union. It is hardy but sparse and grows, well, like a weed. Ruderalis is commonly referred to as “ditch weed,” because it is often found growing wild in ditches on roadsides. Possessing substantially lower THC-content than indica or sativa strains, but requiring only about 45 days to mature, ruderalis is generally cultivated for its fast finishing time, not for its psychoactive effects. Although it was difficult to notice, Ruder did seem to produce a slight cerebral effect and very mild body buzz.

The smell: A mildly frosty strain, Ruder has a pungent, earthy smell, with a lingering lime aroma. Off the grinder, the scent is overwhelmingly dank lemon lime, giving way to a smell similar to a green, sour apple Jolly Rancher, with a refreshing pine finish.

The flavor: Ruder’s fresh lime scent, however, does not translate to taste. Instead, burning the flower creates a woody taste reminiscent of cedar and a deep, smoky culinary spice that coats the tongue.

The high: The effects of Ruder are very mild, but begin with a rather immediate head high. Cerebral but with a palpable body stone, this strain seems useful for contemplation. The high itself is short-lived, maxing out at only about 30 minutes. While ruderalis is neither indica nor sativa, the effect of Ruder felt decidedly more indica, or mellow.

The word: Ruderalis strains may lack commercial appeal due to their low-THC content, but for those who find typical indica and sativa strains to be too psychoactive, ruderalis, and Ruder in particular, could be the perfect choice.

Originally published in issue 9 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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