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10 Strains for the Holiday Season


10 Strains for the Holiday Season

The winter holiday season is a great time to celebrate the ending of another well-lived year. Whether you’re the type to surround yourself with a gaggle extended family and friends or decide to skip the big events and take it easy at home with a small gathering, having the perfect strain to puff on is a must. These sativas, indicas and hybrids are suited to calm pre-party hosting jitters, keep you merry during the festivities and help you unwind after a day of non-stop activities.


Stay perky and energetic with this citrusy, lemony sativa. Be prepared for a joyous case of the giggles, increased creativity and a boost in cheerfulness. It’s a potent, flavorful smoke that will keep you uplifted and in high spirits whether you’re cooking before the guests arrive or clinking glasses during a celebratory toast.

Candy Cane

It might be best to save this dank indica strain for the end of a busy, jingle-bell-filled evening. The robust buds are a combination of three different strains: AK-47, Mango and White Widow. Candy Cane is good for relieving stress, easing tension and providing feelings of euphoria. It tastes sour and fruity with long-lasting effects that will help relax you at the end of a long night.

Lamb’s Bread

Prepare yourself for a pleasant, deeply introspective buzz when smoking this outstanding sativa strain. It’s woodsy, earthy taste has a strong, pungent smell and gives a boost of energy with a hint of calm. Word on the street is that this sticky, bright green strain originated in Jamaica.

Dutch Treat

This strain has a couple of the smells commonly associated with this blustery time of year: pine and eucalyptus. Known for its dense and sticky buds, the sweet strain helps with depression and pain. Go for Dutch Treat when you need a hybrid that can give you the best of both worlds: a relaxing high with an uplifting quality.

God’s Gift

One puff of this indica and you’ll taste hints of grape, citrus and hash thanks to the strain’s two parents, Grandaddy Purple and OG Kush. This strain has a high THC content with an average of 22 percent and provides a dreamy high that can help ease insomnia. Be forewarned, God’s Gift comes on strong, so be ready for a heavy but tranquil buzz.

Jack Frost

Bred from Jack Herer, White Widow and Northern Lights #5, this hybrid strain has 22.6 percent THC. It provides a steady and long-lasting head and body high with an sweet yet earthy flavor profile. Jack Frost can come on kind of heavy, so it’s best to reserve this strain for lazing around the fire or enjoying a holiday movie.

Kosher Kush

This strain is supposedly known for being the first weed to ever be blessed by a Rabbi. Whether that’s true or not, this indica selection definitely packs a punch. Kosher Kush is good for a late night smoke after everyone has cleared the space, the leftovers have been put in the fridge and it’s just you and the quiet house. You’ll feel happy, hungry and sleepy after smoking this sharp, skunky strain.

3 Kings

One taste of this piney, sativa-dominant hybrid strain will help combat stress, relieve headaches and boost your mood. Covered in crystals, 3 Kings is a frosty, tangy smoke that’s a cross of Headband, Sour Diesel and OG Kush —  all strains known for their powerful, potent effects.


This rare strain is hybrid with a strong, skunky smell and awesome, uplifting high. It’s sweet, berry taste helps with pain, muscle spasms and stress as well. You’ll be able to smoke this strain while the party is still going without worrying about being sluggish or getting too tired to participate in the festivities.

Jesus OG

Two badass strains, Hell’s Angel OG and Jack the Ripper, came together to form this angelic sativa with a clear but complete high. It tastes sweet and earthy with a lemony aroma upon exhale. While it relaxes the body, it allows the mind to soar without causing a ditsy or airheaded effect. Be prepared to feel reflective and cerebral.

Sugar Cookie

Fruity and fragrant, Sugar Cookie is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that puts the body at ease. Use this strain to help calm yourself after a stressful, activity-filled day of celebrating. This is a go-to when you need a smooth smoke followed by a restful sleep. Bonus: like the name suggests, this strain has a sweet flavor.

What are favorite strains to smoke during the holidays? Tell us below.

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