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Smokus Focus: Get Up Close and Personal With Your Pot


Smokus Focus: Get Up Close and Personal With Your Pot

For cannaisseurs who want to get a closer look at their flowers, the Smokus Focus line of products offers a simple, convenient storage option that also offers exactly that.

With all the effort being put into the cultivation of cannabis — and the phenomenally beautiful product that often results from this ever-refining process, it’s no wonder that many consumers are eager to get a closer look at the glistening trichomes and assertive pistils of your average dispensary flower.

The Smokus Focus line of jars offers an air-tight, light-augmented jar with built in magnifying glasses for scrutinizing your cannabis.

From Smokus Focus:

The Smokus Focus jars have become the official storage and display containers of the flower industry. Our patented technology blends crystal clear magnification lenses and hyper bright LED’s to create a riveting visual experience. All Smokus Focus Jars have been specifically designed to showcase your flowers in the best possible light.

Store owners, growers, and industry professionals all agree that the Smokus Focus jars are the perfect tool to store and display their flowers.

Smokus Focus offers their jars in three sizes: Stash, Middle Man and Escojar, which go from pocket, to ounce to dispensary size, with multiple magnification options — from the Stash’s 5x to the Escojar’s 2x and 5x.

All the Smokus Focus products offer a magnified view of your flowers, but also the additional clarification of LED lights, which are rechargeable using an included wall charger.

For those who just love cannabis flowers to those who make their living displaying and selling them, a Smokus Focus jar is there to accentuate the natural beauty of our favorite plant while offering a refined vantage of the finer points of cannabis quality — namely the state and color of the trichome “crystals” prized by true bud lovers.

And with multiple size options and as many color combinations as there are distinct personalities to be expressed, Smokus Focus truly has something from everybody form the first time consumer to the lifetime industry participant.

The company says even their smallest offering, the Stash, boasts a 12-hour battery life.

From Smokus Focus:

The Smokus Focus jar is the only jar on the market specifically designed for storing and viewing flowers.   This extraordinary jar is equipped with high powered magnifying lenses and bright LED lights making it an exciting and interesting way to store and view contents.  For gardeners and others in the community, these are the perfect display tool to showcase your flower offerings.

There are many options when it comes to storing your cannabis, from the classic (if largely inefficient) zippered plastic bag to the high-price smell-proof, lockable options. Somewhere in between those extremes you’ll find the sharp, sensible aesthetic of the Smokus Focus line of products; every one offers the same elevated degree of product scrutiny and visual clarity coupled with the simple, intuitive convenience of a hinge-locked, airtight container custom built for the needs of the cannabis industry.

So while not everybody needs a jar that highlights and augments the visual appeal of their flowers, everybody who really loves to fully experience the entire suite of sensory impacts offered by the incomparable cannabis flower will probably want to throw their favorite nugs into a Smokus Focus jar.

So whether you’re lugging your backpack full of top shelf chronic to and from the sesh, showing off your latest inventory additions on your dispensary display shelf or just showing off your best buds to your best buds, you should consider the purchase of a Smokus Focus jar.

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