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Santa Cruz Dispensary Donates Nearly 10,000 Pounds of Food to Area Homeless

Cans of food donated from the dispensary Granny Purps.


Santa Cruz Dispensary Donates Nearly 10,000 Pounds of Food to Area Homeless

Granny Purps, near Santa Cruz, Calif., is not just in the business of providing safe access, but also fostering community. The Soquel-based dispensary is all about love and nurturing, to Granny’s, medical marijuana is also about helping the less fortunate and fostering community.

The dispensary has donated generously to local food drives since 2010, participated in beach cleanups and made regular donations to the Homeless Service Center in Santa Cruz

“We feel it’s an obligation to give back, it’s part of the deal,” says Granny.

In 2013, Granny Purps coordinated the donation of 9,687 pounds of food to the Valley Churches United Missions. They raised $20,000 of funds and resources for the Homeless Service Center in Santa Cruz. Granny Purps provided things like reading glasses, shampoo, body wash, razors, soap, personal hygiene products, laundry detergents and made storage available for excess.

Granny Purps encourages its patients to bring food year round and offers qualified medical marijuana patients a free pre-roll for every eight cans of food donated, with no limit on how many cans a patient can bring.

Medical cannabis patients will be pleased with Granny’s selection. They are a full-service dispensary specializing in quality edibles, the widest selection of lab tested flowers in Santa Cruz County, dabs and an array of original genetics (clones). Patients can also count on them to carry hard-to-find medications high in cannabidiol (CBD) in a variety of delivery methods—flowers, capsules and tinctures.

Granny’s edibles are made in house with food-grade CO2 hash oil. Patients can count on consistency in both dosage and taste. Granny’s patients say they can barely taste the medication in her treats, if at all, but they love the incredible variety she makes, everything from ice cream cookie sandwiches, gummies, caramel squares, root beer barrels, hard candies, cookies, funky fudge and marshmallow-cereal squares.

It is always a safe friendly environment at Granny Purps. Their staff have no problem working with patients for as long as necessary to ensure they choose the best medicine for them.

For more information visit them online at or call (831) 477-7500.

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