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Product Review: Grassroots California

Inside and Outside View of Grassroots California Hats
Photo by Gracie Malley

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Product Review: Grassroots California

Let your stoner flag fly with fitted hats from Grassroots California. These fashionable hats are made with love and careful attention to detail for the cannabis lovers who want their clothing style to reflect their lifestyle. From the immaculate stitching to beautiful designs, people who are into owning wearable marijuana accessories will love these lids. The company often collaborates with others to add even more variety to their line of accessories.

One of the best things about the hats is the awesome design on the inside of the hat. It adds an extra layer of cool that you can show off after someone inevitably compliments you.

While these hats began sales from a backpack on the Venice Boardwalk, the company has since built a flagship location in Denver, Colorado. The store is incredible, lined wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling with fitted and snapback selections. Definitely stop by during one of the Grassroots parties and spend some time in their members-only social smoke section known as the breakroom. This area is 710 heaven — smoke live resin Grape Trainwreck — and live the life with a Grassroots cap.

$45-$100/ Click here to purchase.

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