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Product Review: Galaxy E-Nail

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Product Review: Galaxy E-Nail

Photo by Gracie Malley

Product Review: Galaxy E-Nail

The Galaxy is the only Enail with a totally inert food grade quartz-infused ceramic air pathway.

Using an e-nail for dabbing is an elevated experience. Instead of firing up a torch, the Galaxy E-Nail is plugged into the wall and uses electricity to get the ceramic nail at the perfect temperature for that huge snake dab.

Plugging the e-nail in and setting the desired temperature is a simple affair and the Galaxy E-Nail heats quickly. We suggest starting on 710 degrees and experimenting from there depending on what form of concentrate you enjoy.

Once the Galaxy reaches your desired temperature, be prepared to savor the terpinated mouth explosion that the ceramic nail provides. This device is super smooth and helps give the craft concentrates rising through the ranks their proper due. Taste your waxes, shatters, BHO, live resin and ice water hash like never before, the Galaxy E-nail is an incredible addition to the 710 scene.

$399/Click here to purchase.

Originally published in issue 15 of Cannabis Now Magazine, available for purchase here.

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