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How to Roll the Perfect Joint Every Time

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How to Roll the Perfect Joint Every Time

Say goodbye to flawed fatties. The OTTO grinder and smart cone filling machine uses data to make ideal doobies.

Smoking a joint remains one of the most popular ways for cannabis consumers to enjoy their stashes. It makes sense; there’s something traditionally cool and relaxing about smoking a doobie.

This year, VICE created a March Madness-style bracket with 32 different ways to ingest weed. They asked audiences to rank their favorites and smoking a classic joint was No. 1.

Joint smoking has become an art form. There are contests devoted to the best and quickest joint-making skills all over the world from Canada to Colorado. The National Joint League is just one platform created to showcase the world’s most creative joint rollers.

What exactly goes into making a flawless fatty? While some of it boils down to personal preference (blunts, spliffs, pinners), there are certain factors that allow for a superior smoke. The filling, the paper, the shape, and of course, the burn — those are all important.

Whether you’ve got low-grade ganja or some top shelf selections, the first and perhaps most important step is to mill, or grind, your ganja. You simply can’t smoke a joint without breaking your bud down in a coherent fashion. Consistency is key, as you don’t want any drags, or uneven burning, throughout your joint.

Next, choose a paper. Papers significantly affect taste, stability and cohesion of joints. The better the paper, the better the joint. Expert rollers tend to use high-quality hemp or rice papers, which offer slower burns and better rolls.

Now, roll. Avoid pitfalls like canoeing by creating a cone shape. And don’t forget the crutch! Nobody likes a soggy hit.

The process — albeit worth it — can be time-consuming, messy and sometimes disappointing. Creating the perfect joint, after all, is an art form, but who knew it could also be a science?

Photos courtesy of Banana Bros.

The OTTO Makes Joint Rolling a Science

The OTTO by Banana Bros is the world’s first and only all-in-one cannabis milling and automatic cone-filling machine. The device completes the joint-making process in a matter of seconds. There’s no mess or wasted herb as the OTTO grinder mills and evenly dispenses it into a pre-rolled cone — all in the click of a button.

It’s super sleek and intuitive. The user just places unground nugs in the OTTO miller, and out comes a deliciously funnel-shaped joint.

The automatic joint machine is smart; it doesn’t just make joints, it produces ideal doobies based on the herb that’s placed in it, and the data it derives from that particular stash.

The OTTO’s technology senses the texture of the cannabis being used. It notes the density, moisture levels, and consistency of the herb. It then uses that data to adjust the speed, direction and pressure of grinder. The result is perfectly milled and measured cannabis that will burn evenly no matter how it’s smoked.

The grinder and accompanying Smart Cone Filling Machine are detachable. The OTTO can be used separately as a grinder, or with the cone-filling machine as a joint maker. The product comes with attachments that make it versatile, and easy to discreetly travel with. Some include a measuring cup, a four-in-one cleaning tool, a USB charging cable, and a snap cap for portability and to seal any smells.

One of the best parts about the OTTO is that, unlike typical grinders, kief won’t accumulate at the bottom of it. Instead, that fine flavorful, resinous power is dispensed with the cannabis, making for a tastier and more potent smoking experience.


Photos courtesy of Banana Bros.

According to the company, 30 percent more kief winds up on the weed — hence the company’s motto, “keep the kief on the leaf.”

The size of the desired joint can be adjusted via the filling component. Any papers can be used in the device as well. The product comes with 20 of the company’s premium pre-rolled cones and cone holders. The cones are made with raw unbleached fiber.

“They are GMO-free, chlorine free, vegan-friendly and naturally clean,” according to Banana Bros.

There are plenty of ways to consume cannabis. But, there’s still nothing that compares to smoking and sharing a joint.

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