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New Study Proves Cannabis Extract Has Effect on Brain Tumors



New Study Proves Cannabis Extract Has Effect on Brain Tumors

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A new study released by the University of St. George’s London is showing that cannabis can produce significantly positive results in brain cancer patients. THC and CBD, the chemically-active components in marijuana, are also known as phytocannabinoids. When these two compounds are combined with irradiation or radio therapy, they have drastic and life-saving effects that are shown to shrink tumors or make them disappear altogether.

Doctor Wai Liu, the Senior Research Fellow and lead researcher for the project made sure that the research approached the complex issue from the number of angles and experimented with a number of combinations to assure the data was thorough.

“The results are extremely exciting. The tumours were treated in a variety of ways, either with no treatment, the cannabinoids alone, and irradiation alone or with both the cannabinoids and irradiation at the same time,” he said.

Through a series of lab tests and experiments, Liu and his colleagues were able to successfully determine what combination of treatments worked best to alleviate malign symptoms associated with brain cancer and the resulting tumors. The researchers also found that cannabis extracts can play a role in banishing tumors.

“Those treated with both irradiation and the cannabinoids saw the most beneficial results and a drastic reduction in size. In some cases, the tumors effectively disappeared in the animals. This augurs well for further research in humans in the future. At the moment this is a mostly fatal disease,” said Liu.

Although the study wasn’t performed on human subjects, the implications of this study are extremely momentous at a critical time in cannabis history when states and countries are warring with their governments over whether or not the powerful plant actually lives up to its healing reputation.

Brain cancer is responsible for taking many lives each year due to the complications of treating such a tenacious and intricate disease. According to reports, more than 5,000 people die each year with a survival rate of only about five years following a patient’s prognosis. With this new research, sufferers may be able to look towards a brighter future — with the science to back it up.

“The benefits of the cannabis plant elements were known before, but the drastic reduction of brain cancers if used with irradiation is something new and may well prove promising for patients who are in gravely serious situations with such cancers in the future,” Liu said.

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