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Mohave Cannabis Co. Is Worth Checking Out

Mohave Cannabis Co. flower
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Mohave Cannabis Co. Is Worth Checking Out

Quality genetics, optimal grow environments and precise nutrient regiments enable this cultivator to consistently produce award-winning flower for any and every occasion.

Mohave Cannabis Co. is a high-quality indoor operation in California and Arizona that produces two lines of flower, Mohave Reserve and Mohave Select, as well as concentrates and pre-rolls.

On the high end is Mohave Reserve, where trendy cultivars shine in the form of flashy, crystalline nugs. These cuts have tested over 25% THC and are offered in half ounce bags or one-eighth jars. They pack a fantastic high that’s totally worth the reasonable price tag of around $45. Mohave Select, their lower price point line, features affordable weed that people will actually want to smoke. While the nugs are smaller and slightly less dank, it’s still good indoor that won’t break the bank, but isn’t alarmingly cheap either (which is a huge red flag!). 

In this stage of the industry, with mids taking over the market—especially in the realms people can generally afford—Mohave Cannabis Company’s line was a breath of fresh air in terms of quality, price and overall attention to detail in cultivation. So, let’s review some of their products.

Slapjackz 1/2oz Bag

Let’s start with my favorite of the bunch: the half-ounce bag of Slapjackz from their Mohave Reserve line. While I don’t know much about this strain, I would imagine it’s a Jack Herer cross of some kind based on the name, the nose, the color of the buds, and pretty much everything else.

The flower is tightly trimmed, light green, a little orange and frosted with crystals. It has a fluffy density that breaks up well, and it made my fingers sticky as I loaded it into the bowl of my bong, which is always a good sign.

The nose of this cultivar is very strong—I was shocked when I opened the bag. Fruity, pine, lemon and gas, with a sharp floral finish. It was similar to an OG Kush, but a little more earthy and complex.

I took a bong rip, and the flavor was amazing. A literal burst of fruity lemon pine rushed forth in the exact way the smell had hit me. Exhaling the smoke, I immediately felt a buzzy, bright wave wash over me and I became clear headed and alert in a post-espresso way.

This flower is pretty much tailored to my personal preferences when it comes to daytime work weed. I highly recommend it for the morning or throughout the work day, if you’re that kind of smoker. If you err more on the recreational side, I would suggest this for outdoor activities, beach days and times where you’re going to be out and about having fun.

Gelato N Cream 3.5g Jar

Mohave Reserve’s Gelato N Cream is a potent yet laid back variety that lends itself to an afternoon sesh. This cross between Gelato 41 and Kush Mints looks really good, with a high to match.

The nugs are crunchy, sparkly and range in color from light green to purple, indicating genetic diversity, which is always a good sign, especially with indoor flower, which can often look eerily homogenous.

The smell is sweet, creamy, nutty and round. It reminds me of some sort of cream-based, nutmeg-spiced coffee concoction Starbucks would come out with around the holidays. Overall, a decadent profile suited for the weedy sweet tooth. I took a hit. The relatively mild flavor suggests the scent, but it doesn’t deliver on the level that the Slapjackz does in terms of tastiness.

The high was immediate and intense in a lackadaisical, dreamy way. This flower would be perfect for after work, a summer day near a lake or in lieu of a glass of wine around a table with friends. The high is light and playful, whimsical without bringing the heaviness of sleep into the mix. Despite shortcoming on the flavor, the high more than makes up for it, as does its nose and bud structure.

Sour Cupcake 1g Pre-roll

The Sour Cupcake Pre-roll was a winner in my book, as well as at Kushstock 2021, where it won second place in their “Best Sativa” category. A cross between Sour Diesel and Kush Mints 11, this is a delightful joint where notes of citrus and diesel leave you feeling blissfully uplifted.

Zkittles Mints Diamonds

Mohave Cannabis Co.’s Zkittles Mints Diamonds are potent, terpy and leave you in a cosmic headspace where anxiety doesn’t exist. These yellowish diamonds are of similar size, halfway between crushed and crystallized, ready to be loaded into any piece or joint without being broken done or fussed with.

Diamonds don’t often have a ton of aroma, but these pack a sensory punch of heavy mint, fruit, pepper and diesel that together come off super earthy and sharp. I took a hit from my Peak. There was not much flavor, but an extremely strong head high grew swimmy behind my eyes. I felt like Mr. Garrison in that South Park episode where he smokes weed and his head detaches like a balloon, then floats away.

I tried to write for a while after hitting it, but it was no use. I kept getting distracted, imagining lounging on the bank of a warm, sunny river, looking at the clouds. This is a heavy high, great for anxiety management or stress relief—not so great for trying to remain productive whilst super stoned. Dab this at the end of the day to wash away any residual negativity hanging on. You deserve it!

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