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Green Gone: A THC Detox Kit That Works for You

Green Gone Detox THC


Green Gone: A THC Detox Kit That Works for You

Green Gone Detox provides scientifically-backed THC detox kits that center your health and wellness goals.

Green Gone Detox is a health and wellness company that offers all natural, scientifically-backed detox solutions for those wishing to clear their bodies of THC. It is the first known company to provide a THC detox developed by pharmacists.

The company owner, who is also a PharmD, did a little research into THC detox products at the request of his friends and found that most products claiming to offer detox solutions were really just masking agents designed to pass drug tests

“We were looking at products online and saw some obvious deficiencies in products currently available,” said Brad, Green Gone Detox’s founder. “So, I thought, why don’t we apply some of our own scientific and mathematical skills and background and come up with a better approach?”

The year was 2016, and due to an influx in cannabis legalization, laws were starting to tighten up as facilities introduced more sophisticated testing methods, explained Ben M, head of marketing and advertising at Green Gone Detox.

Recognizing a very real need for an effective, long-lasting detox solution, Brad rolled up his sleeves and got to work in the lab, working approximately six months straight to create advanced detox formulas and properly test them. In 2017, he landed on an all-natural, vegan solution that increased THC removal by 200 – 300 percent.

This was a big breakthrough. And as long as detox kit users abstain from marijuana, the effects are permanent.

The detox kits come in 2, 5 and 10-day versions. Consumers can use the THC Detox Calculator to determine which option is best suited for them. Or, they can speak directly with the Green Gone Detox Team for more personalized advice.

The powerful combination of all-natural ingredients is something Green Gone is proud of, and rightly so. It speaks to their mission of delivering real results in a safe and healthy way.

Green Gone Detox THC Test
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Real Expectations, Real Results

Since their first sale of THC detox kits in 2017, Green Gone Detox’s dedication to helping customers achieve their health and wellness goals has only grown. They encourage customers to consume THC in a healthy manner and have a robust Detox Blog featuring articles on product ingredients, mental health, exercise, healthy eating and, of course, how to cleanse safely.

For the folks at Green Gone Detox, it’s not just about ridding the body of THC – it’s about educating consumers and helping them achieve their goals.

This starts with delivering real expectations.

“We take every customer’s specific needs for levels of THC in their body into account,” said Andrew, Director of Sales and Business Development. “We work with customers one-on-one to help determine which product will best meet their personal needs and goals.”

This is a big advantage to ordering from Green Gone versus other products on the market.

Customers can call in at any time to talk to a Detox Adviser, use the live chat option on the website, or send an email inquiry.

All of Green Gone Detox’s products are U.S. made in a GMP-certified, FDA-compliant inspected facility.

Even if cannabis is legal in your state, detox kits are a great option for anyone looking to remove THC from their system – whether it’s for employment or insurance purposes, athletic goals, or personal health and wellness goals.

Andrew reiterates the importance of using a verified detox program to meet your goals, whatever they may be.

“There is no magic detox potion, it is just science,” he said. “And that is the Green Gone difference.”

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