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Live Resin Vape Cartridges from NUG Labs are an Explosion of Terps

NUG Live Resin


Live Resin Vape Cartridges from NUG Labs are an Explosion of Terps

NUG Labs is offering their customers state-of-the-art extracted live resin available in a high-quality portable cartridge.

Live resin is named as such because it is processed with fresh plant material instead of dried and cured plant matter, thus leaving it “alive.” It can vary in consistency – from a shatter to a sticky sugar –  and packs a huge punch of flavor due to its high terpene content. This high terpene count results from a flash freezing method, which uses only freshly harvested buds and sugar leaves to make the extraction.

Oakland-based NUG Labs, with one of the most advanced cannabis extract facilities in California, has perfected this flash-freezing method to preserve the terpenes that make up each unique strain and distill them into a vape cartridge of full-spectrum goodness. At the moment of harvest, the flowers are immediately frozen to get ready for live resin extraction.

“We didn’t want to sacrifice the complex terpene profile and entourage effect that each strain’s unique terpene signature provides,” said NUG Labs procurement director Max Levine.

Drying cannabis isn’t a bad thing, but terpenes are inevitably lost in the process, ultimately changing the flavor profile of the flower. This is why concentrate lovers are so fond of the taste of live resin. And if it’s available in ready-to-go vape form, even better!

What’s in the Cart?

Unlike many other vape cartridges — even some claiming to be live resin — there is absolutely nothing added to NUG Labs’ live resin carts.

“The tricky thing with cannabis extract formulation is getting that perfect synergy and balance of flavor and effects between the cannabinoids and terpenes, without sacrificing potency,” explained Dan Crisafulli of NUG’s marketing team.

“We wanted all that in a cart without using distillate, additives, or anything that muddles or distracts from the expression of the cannabis plants we extract, ” he added.  

Not only was NUG Labs able to successfully perform this balancing act of potency and flavor via their proprietary extraction method, but they were able to do so while offerring cartridges at an affordable price point.

“Most carts in our price and potency range are either adding distillate or lack the terps and entourage effects that truly characterize the high of the strain,” Levine said.

But NUG Labs discovered how to get live resin into the unique form-factor of a 510-thread cartridge, ready to be enjoyed just about anywhere.

Cultivated outdoors in the California sun, NUG Labs offers an all-star lineup of premium live resin vape cartridges consisting of six unique strains: Blue Steel, Ambrosia Salad, Ancient Gorilla 4, Berries and Cream, Chernobyl and Strawberry Banana.

NUG Live Resin Vape Cart Strawberry Banana

The Strawberry Banana, a collaboration between DNA Genetics and Serious Seeds, is described by YouTube cannabis reviewer Jose From The Bay as tasting “exactly like a smoothie.”

The quality of the cartridge itself is important to note. After rigorously stress and heat testing every cartridge on the market, keeping an eye out for leaks, leaching and reliability, NUG landed on a ceramic-coil, lead-free model from AVD. Their 1-gram cartridges also come in stylish, child-proof packaging.

“We set out to create the truest representation of the plant in a vape cart that, at the same time, is stellar in every other category,” Crisafulli said. “And we’re all really proud to have achieved that.”

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