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Editor’s Pick: Scientific Inhalations

A top down view of a water pipe by Scientific Inhalations which uses not just water filtration but charcoal and cotton.

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Editor’s Pick: Scientific Inhalations

There’s a common misconception about water pipes, that aqueous filtration somehow cleanses the tar and other harmful chemicals out of smoke and makes for a healthier smoker. Sadly, numerous studies have shown no such benefit – yet Scientific Inhalations has created a different kind of water pipe which may just solve the problem.

The Compact Honeycomb Triple Filtered Bubbler goes far beyond water filtration, employing activated charcoal and organic cotton to produce superior filtration (according to the company’s own research). Tests of the Bubbler revealed that the cotton swab did indeed filter out a significant amount of tar from a single bowl, which with a standard bubbler would have gone straight to the smoker’s lungs. However, the cotton swabs provided by the company proved difficult to remove from the mouthpiece chamber.

especially | Jessica Catalano + Cannabis Now Magazine

Overall, the Scientific Inhalations line of water pipes appear to deliver the company’s claims of offering effective smoke filtration, earning them the distinction of Editor’s Pick for this issue.

Scientific Inhalations was our editor’s pick in Issue 6 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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