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Edibles: Heavy Hitters vs. Micro-Doses


Edibles: Heavy Hitters vs. Micro-Doses

Edibles: Heavy Hitters vs. Micro-Doses

Gone are the days of homemade brownies, today’s edibles are a stylish set of variations that range from mellow moods to supernatural highs.

With so many choices on the marketplace, those who wish to enjoy edibles can dial in on a dosage. Micro-dosing, or enjoying edibles that contain less of cannabis’ psychoactive component – THC  –  provide an excellent guide towards experiences the healing and inspirational benefits of cannabis at a sub-perceptual level. On the other side of the spectrum, hard-hitting edibles can offer an amazing release. Each of the edibles featured here provide a personal cultivation of the cannabis experience. Like a Yin Yang, we invite you to explore the duality and interconnected nature present within the THC cannabinoid.

Heavy Hitters

Kushy Punch – 80mg THC


There’s nothing bashful about these bite-sized gummy offerings. Sativa, indica or hybrid, they’re wrapped in bright, shimmery packaging with a clear message on the side: “Extra Strength 4X Dose.” While these Kushy Punch gummy candies may be no larger than a pat of butter, each contains 80 milligrams of THC. The candy is cut into four 20 milligram doses and unexperienced users are advised to eat just half of one of these squares.

Cheeba Chews Deca Dose – 175mg THC


Don’t be deceived by the compact size of this medicinal taffy, Cheeba Chews packs a heavy dose of THC into each chew. The chews resemble classic Tootsie Rolls in both appearance and taste and come in sativa, indica and hybrid varieties. While the quad dose is recommended to be split into four servings, the uber-powerful deca dose contains 175mg of THC and is recommended for those with a high tolerance.

Bhang Chocolate Triple Strength – 180mg THC


These rich, cannabis-infused bars come in a multitude of flavors and potencies, but it’s the triple strength selection that provides the highest level of relief. These Bhang bars expertly disguise the taste of cannabis and are great for those seeking respite from conditions such as insomnia and pain.

Flower Child Granola – 120mg THC


Made with a solid organic ingredient lineup including oats, dried figs, sesame seeds and maple syrup – the real star of this granola is the ice-water hash sourced for each batch. Flour Child takes care to pair its hash with flavors that match, seeking out strains such as Lemon Skunk to ensure the granola is as full-bodied as it is delicious.

Hashbury Caps – each capsule contains 170mg THC


Some cannabis capsules provide an underwhelming buzz while others knock you out cold. Hashbury Extracts’ hash oil capsules deliver a deep, stoney trance that’s right in the Goldilocks zone for those seeking heavy medication. A single dose unfolds into deep relaxation and a heightened sensory awareness that may unlock appetites beyond mere munchies. There’s 170 milligrams of THC in each capsule, but if you want to experiment with the psychedelic potential of cannabis, these are 100% black gold.


Kiva Blueberry Terra Bites – 5mg THC per serving


Created by rolling liquid hot milk chocolate over blueberries dusted with cocoa powder and white chocolate, Kiva’s blueberry Terra Bites each feature 5 milligrams of THC per serving. With 120 milligrams per container, these bites are perfect for achieving just the right amount of medication – without going overboard. Great as a treat throughout the day for the daily toker, Kiva’s clean unintimidating packaging also provides a superb introduction to the joys of edibles for those less experienced with cannabis.

Auntie Dolores Chili Lime Peanuts – 10mg THC per serving


The great thing about this medicated snack is the ability to eat as little or as much as you desire. These peanuts have just the right combination of spice and sweetness and are an incredible daytime snack.

Mellows – 5mg THC per serving


These marshmallows are super tasty and come in a wide array of fun flavors including orange dreamsicle and peanut butter pretzel. Each pack contains 12 mellows containing 5 milligrams each, so feel free to try a few.

Sprig Cannabis Soda – each 12-ounce can contains 15mg THC


Sprig is a drinkable lightly-flavored soda that can be used to take the edge off during a workweek. These sodas are not overly-powerful and syrupy and result in a mild, relaxed high free from the paranoia that can be associated with higher doses.

Outset Pineapple Crisps – 10mg THC per serving


These small-batch edibles are a great way to keep a light buzz while focusing on a healthier edible offering. The pineapple offering bursts with fresh fruit notes and comes complete without the added sugar so often found in this dried fruit. Outset says it has a passion for quality foods that, “have been dosed with just the right amount of cannabis extract to give you optimal therapeutic effects for your daily physical, mental and emotional rituals without the worry of eating too much.”

Originally published in issue 19 of Cannabis Now. LEARN MORE.

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