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Dispensary Profile: Clear Choice


Dispensary Profile: Clear Choice

A Welcoming Lobby Area at the Dispensary Clear Choice

The Lobby at Clear Choice

Although Washington state passed medical marijuana laws in 1998, it wasn’t until 2011 and the passage of SB 5073 that the state allowed storefront dispensaries. Since then, Tacoma, Seattle’s grittier little sister to the south, has emerged as a safe access hub.

When Washingtonians voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana last November, the entire medical marijuana dispensary system in the state was called into question. What is clear, however, is there are still going to be people who use marijuana exclusively as medicine, and using marijuana medicinally requires expertise, support and information.

Clear Choice Collective was founded on the belief that anyone should feel comfortable inside a medical marijuana dispensary, especially first-time users or those unfamiliar with varieties, methods of ingestion and dosage.

Comfort is essential to the experience at Clear Choice; the lobby is clean, inviting and tastefully decorated.

Patients don’t wait in line like at a bank; they sit one-on-one with a “cannabis technician” who works with them to personalize the treatment.

“Patients love it,” says dispensary owner Adam Schmidt, “It is one of the main reasons people come here, they get personal attention and there are a lot of people fairly new to the medical uses of cannabis. They have a lot of questions, that is who we are trying to help.”

Clear Choice’s cannabis technicians are well versed not only in strain diversity but also treatment through infused foods, particularly their exclusive line of Kushman’s Private Reserve products, designed specifically to treat the insomnia and nausea endemic in patients undergoing chemotherapy. They also proudly stock Kimo Kaps, which are cannabutter filled capsules designed to help patients properly titrate their dosage.

Clear Choice is known for their exclusive strains, particularly “Ruder” a strain that is neither indica nor sativa, but instead is part of the little-known ruderalis family. This exclusive strain is known for its balanced, mellow yet pain relieving high, which is great for patients who experience stress or anxiety from other more psychoactive strains.

While the future of medical marijuana dispensaries in a legal Washington is still unclear, the professionalism in herbal medicine at this Tacoma dispensary is what sets it apart from the pack, making it the clear choice in Tacoma for safe access to high-quality medicine.

Written by Michael Condon Jr. for issue 9 of Cannabis Now Magazine

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