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Dear Dabby… How Do I Live My Best 420?

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Dear Dabby… How Do I Live My Best 420?

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Dear Dabby… How Do I Live My Best 420?

Suggestions for how to get the party cracking on pot’s most hallowed holiday.

What are the coolest 420s you’ve ever had? How did you make them happen? — Smokey Green

This is a good yet difficult question, because when you say “420,” do you mean “April twentieths?” Or do you mean “Any time you’ve smoked weed?” Because any time someone smokes weed, that counts as a “420,” right? I have had some cool 4/20s and some hella cool 420s, if you know what I mean. Not trying to smoke my own joint, but I have been in some amazing sessions.

As part of my day job (I’m a stand-up comedian by trade, and a weed activist by choice) I have gotten high with Doug Benson, Adam Sandler, Ron Shock, Bill Hicks (Okay, Bill didn’t smoke when I met him, but I was high as hell when we rode together from Sacramento to San Francisco once), Dave Chappelle, Marc “Skippy” Price, Brandon Wardell, Sarah Silverman, James Adomian, Reggie Watts, Peaches and a bunch of other folks that I either can’t mention or can’t remember. Some of my favorite sessions, though, are when I get the chance to make a new friend, even if just for a moment. One time, some homies and I were standing on a street in San Francisco, smoking a joint, when a dude walking by was all like, “Is that Bubba Kush?” and I was all like, “Hell yeah it is. Want a hit?” And we proceeded to smoke and talk about different weed strains for a good 30 minutes. He had some OG, and I had some J10, so we traded nugs and hugs and he went on his merry way. Never ran into him again, but it was a great moment.

As to your second question, I don’t really know. To use a sports analogy, I play my best when I “let the game come to me,” so to speak. Stoners are notorious for not planning too far ahead, so I have found some good events at the last minute. I’m sure if you ask around, or check your local alt-weekly (if it still exists) you will be able to find some cool gatherings and events in your area. Keep an open mind and some rolling papers handy and you should be just fine.

I’m trying to live like a celebrity for a day on 420. How can I go about making that happen? — Hy Roller

Do you have “live like a celebrity” money? Because unless you are famous, living like a celebrity gets expensive in a hurry. If I was rich, I would rent a plane and try to smoke a joint in every state with legal weed. Start in Maine, roll through Vermont and Massachusetts, pop down to D.C., jet over to Michigan, hop to Colorado right quick, eat an edible as you fly to Alaska and then straight down the West Coast: Washington, Oregon and, finally, California. Bring some friends. Take me with you.

I’m sick of people telling me to plan for 420 just by stocking up on dispensary cannabis early. That won’t cut it. What’s some next-level advice on how to have the dankest day? The Greench

I feel you. Of course, the capitalists want to turn 420 into a celebration of consumerism and not a celebration of weed. It is up to us to put the 420 back into 420. Some ideas Throw a “bluntch!” Have some friends over in the mid-morning and smoke some good weeds while having a hearty breakfast. Or perhaps you could spend the day doing activism. Write a letter to a prisoner, send an email to your elected officials, or do something to honor the cannabis plant. Enjoy your day.

How soon is too soon to start planning for an epic 420? What can I do in the weeks leading up to 420? — Pro Crasinator

How soon is now? It’s like I always say: Start early, you are probably stoned and it’s gonna take you a while to get it together. If you are going to an event, buy your tickets (and some comfortable shoes; I walked over 20 miles in two days at the Emerald Cup last year) as soon as possible. If you are planning a get-together, start stocking up on rare and unusual weed strains so y’all can have a proper and delicious tasting party. Time and 420 waits for no man.

TELL US, what do you have planned for 420 this year?

Originally published in Issue 35 of Cannabis Now. LEARN MORE

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