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Three Ways to Spice Up Your Summer Sesh

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Three Ways to Spice Up Your Summer Sesh

It’s summer — the perfect time to explore new things, starting with seshing strategies!

Getting tired of the same routine? Looking to add a little something extra to toking at the usual toking time? With so many options available in some places and so few in others, cannabis can definitely inspire creativity starting with the ways that it can be consumed. Here are a few simple suggestions to get started:

1. Twax that Joint

Rolling something up for a smoke at home? While fine flowers are essential to any joint, wrapping it in hash oil will certainly give it an extra kick. Simply take some shatter, pull-and-snap BHO or rosin and roll it between your fingers into a long, thin snake form. Then beginning at the tip of the joint, wrap the snake around the doobie, almost like a candy cane. Keep in mind that the hash will make the joint burn longer, and will even drip if the snake is too thick for the joint. If the hash is something a bit stickier and can’t be manipulated into a roll, coating the outside paper of the joint in the oil using a dab tool to spread it then rolling it in kief is a great alternative. For something better for on-the-go, roll up the snake of hash oil before assembling the joint and lay it gently in the middle before it’s rolled up, or coat the inside of the paper before the weed goes in.

2. Toast Up Some Treats

A dabber is likely to already have a blowtorch in play. It may even be from the kitchen department of a not-weed-related store, which is a great tip-off that the flame is good for more than just heating up a nail. Crème brûlée seems like the obvious choice for torched treats, but it isn’t the easiest thing to just whip up in the kitchen. If the plan is dabbing and some warm munchies to go along with those terps, try marshmallows — no campfire required. Spear a marshmallow on a metal skewer, fire up the torch and apply a light roast. Toasted marshmallows make a perfect topping for a weed brownie or cookie and are also delicious all on their own!

3. Veg Out (or Get Fruity)

Any hollowed out fruit or vegetable with a solid outside has the potential to be a pipe! Pineapple, coconut, watermelon, even giant zucchinis — the key is to make a clean cut through the rind to remove the top of the produce, then to hollow out the inside as much as needed for airflow while still being able to replace the top to create an airtight seal. Then drill two holes — one for the bowl of the pipe and one for the mouthpiece (drill three for an optional carb). For some extra chill factor add ice to the inside of the fruit (but be mindful of the water as it melts) or stick the pipe in the freezer before passing around. Definitely also enjoy the watermelon chunks, coconut water or whatever remnants of the pipe remain as the new piece is smoked.

What fun smoking activities are you enjoying this summer?

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