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Celebrating 7/10: Dab Day

A dab rig sits waiting for someone to take a hit on 7/10 in San Francisco
Photo by Gracie Malley/Staff

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Celebrating 7/10: Dab Day

No, apparently having one day set aside to celebrate the wonders of cannabis isn’t enough. Now, in addition to the globally recognized 4/20 date of jubilation, dab enthusiasts bring us 7/10: a day to celebrate the concentrate in all its varieties.

Established in 2012, the date is far from arbitrary, it was chosen because the word OIL looks like 710 upside down. And on this hallowed day, much dabbing delight is expected to ensue.

So, what will you do to celebrate the concentrate? If you live in the Bay Area, you can attend a concentrates competition that also serves as a fundraiser for Americans for Safe Access. Meanwhile, Denver is hosting the biggest dab celebration on the planet with a three-day 7/10 festival that promises to be one for the record books.

However you choose to celebrate the concentrate, remember these helpful tips for a successful 7/10:

  • Obtain your concentrates from a reputable source that offers extracts that have passed a purity test. The places that test usually don’t even sell concentrates that haven’t passed, so as far as purity goes, you should have nothing to worry about. This is the first and cardinal rule of dabbing. If you have the option, do not compromise. But if your only dab access is black market, then read on for tips on how to limit your exposure to solvent residue.
  • Don’t hold your hits. With cannabis, it is common to hold the smoke in your lungs for several seconds or until you cough. Concentrates, however, contain such extremely high levels of THC that holding the vapor is simply unnecessary. More importantly, unless you have access to extracts that have been tested for purity, they probably contain some level of potentially dangerous solvent residue, so it is best to exhale as soon as you inhale to limit your exposure. Trust me: You will still get higher than you ever have from smoking joints. Better still, you’ll have an easier time managing your high, which can get out of hand fast if you’re not careful.
  • Make sure that the people you invite to dab with you are very experienced cannabists. Casual tokers could be in over their heads. If you’re planning to initiate some new dabblings, have them wait at least 20 minutes before taking a second hit to ensure they spend their time dabbing out instead of passing out.
  • Don’t pass out. You’re probably dabbing concentrates that contain anywhere from 60-90 percent THC. That’s a lot. And if you’ve never dabbed before, it’s probably more than you’ve ever had in your life, since cannabis flowers usually contain THC in the 12-25 percent range. What the uninitiated don’t realize is that while you will feel psychoactive effects immediately, the high keeps climbing for about 20 minutes. It is extremely difficult to gauge how high you’re going to be from one dab before some time has gone by and passing out is an increasingly common occurrence among nubile and seasoned dabsters alike. It happens to the best of us. I recently almost lost consciousness from one hit of super concentrated full melt off a highly effective vape (and not enough water) and I dab every day. So, pace yourself. “A little dab’ll do ya” should be your mantra.
  • Stay hydrated. If smoking a joint gives you cotton mouth, then dabbing will give you cotton mouth in the deserts of hell. Staying hydrated will also help keep you from passing out.
  • Don’t get so dabbed that you can’t drive home. I’ve read many studies that show frequent cannabis consumers actually drive better when they’re stoned and I believe them. But concentrates get you way higher than a joint or two would, especially if you take more than a couple dabs. If you’re going out to any sort of dabbing celebration, go prepared to get wrecked, but not to actually have one. The pot movement can’t afford it. Take a cab when you dab.
  • On the other hand, if you do end up dabbed behind the wheel and you get pulled over, there is but one rule: deny, deny, deny. Never admit to a police officer that you have consumed cannabis, even if you did it “at home,” or “hours ago” or as a “legitimate medical marijuana patient.” Any such admission is grounds for your arrest, and you will be faced with a DUI that will be extraordinarily difficult for you to fight. Always remember to just say NO to cops.
  • Have healthy munchies on hand. At some point you are going to be savagely ravenous. If there is easy access to standard, unhealthy munchie fare, you will likely eat it. All of it. So, plan ahead and have some light, healthy snacks on hand that you won’t regret having macked the next time you get naked. I find arugula and fresh, organic fruit to be dabtastic choices.
  • Don’t spread your germs around, especially when your fellow dabsters are being kind enough to share their oil with you. Always wipe the mouthpiece after you use it. Having little alcohol wipes with you at a dab party is not OCD – it’s smart. But using the end of your shirt is better than nothing. Your dab circle will appreciate it. Remember, no one wants your herpes.
  • If you completely ignore these guidelines and end up feeling light-headed and faint, don’t panic. Hydrate, avoid bright lights, maybe have a bite of something healthy to eat if you feel your stomach can handle it and find a place to chill horizontally for a while. Stay calm. You should feel better in an hour or a few.

Are you celebrating 7/10? Tell us in the comments below.

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