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MagicalButter’s CEO Lands CNBC’s Top 25 List

The CEO of magical butter stands outside his food truck and celebrates being named one of CNBC's top 25 Rebels, Leaders, and Innovators.


MagicalButter’s CEO Lands CNBC’s Top 25 List

Image courtesy of MagicalButter

High in a penthouse suite overlooking the Denver skyline a Seattle-based technology company has gathered friends and family to promote its brand and celebrate success. The company, run by founder and CEO Garyn Angel, makes machines designed to infuse cannabis butter and is boasting a full infused meal prepared by chef Jeremy Cooper. Tabletop Volcanoes are filled with thick bags of vapor and a dab rig is at the ready. The party is a celebration of MagicalButter’s achievements, but also the normalization of cannabis culture across the world.

To demonstrate, Angel has chosen this moment to reveal to his staff that he has been selected as one of CNBC’s Top 25 Rebels, Leaders and Innovators.

“We bleed MB,” Angel said in an emotional address to his staff with his wife by his side.

Angel’s eyes light up when revealing that he graces the same list that includes Spacex CEO Elon Musk.

CNBC’s Top 25 list gathers the best and the brightest from an array of industries. These people represent game-changing innovators that have forever impacted the next incarnation of their respective fields. In order to be considered, individuals had to exhibit their power to influence up to 25 years into the future with their products, services or ideas. The diverse list, which includes executives, entrepreneurs, inventors and CEOs like Garyn Angel, illustrates a clear shift in the way cannabis is viewed by the mainstream.

Founded by Angel, MagicalButter is the innovative machine that allows people to easily make their own canna-oil, canna-butter, tinctures and even lotions. He conceived of the idea while thinking of ways to ease the suffering of a friend with Crohn’s disease, who couldn’t smoke marijuana because he also suffered from asthma.

The device is heralded for its ingenuity and simplicity, and no doubt will revolutionize the cannabis edible industry. This means as legislation changes around the globe, chefs, restaurants and manufacturers will find an increased use for this extracting machine.

According to a recent interview with U.S. News and World Report, the company, which started two years ago, has already sold more than 40,000 crockpots worldwide.

Right now, the Seattle-based company is showcasing its groundbreaking product at the Champs Trade Show in Denver, Colorado. Known as the largest trade show in the world, this event is packed with the best vendors and the best products available right now. Fresh off of the heels of this exhilarating announcement, this product is sure to garner even more attention.

As for the trailblazing man behind the company’s success, there are so many good things to anticipate — especially when the future of cannabis and infused edibles looks so bright. Plus, he’s always thinking ahead to the next new thing that will create more waves. When asked by IdeaMensch what trends he is most looking forward to, he chose three: medical cannabis becoming a mainstream dietary supplement, how technology and appliances are integrating and creating so many new opportunities and Tesla and anything else Elon Musk thinks up.

Do you medicate with canna-butter or canna-oil? Tell us about it in the comments.

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