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CaliFresh Infusions

Bottles of different flavored Califresh Infusion bottles sitting lined up upon a table.

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CaliFresh Infusions

The makers of CaliFresh, a new line of THC-infused edible accessories, sure know how to mix together a tasty hot sauce. Two of the sauces tested by CNM, the “Cajun” and “Ghost Pepper” varieties, delivered a whallop of hot pepper flavor, even to the palate of one of our own Texas born-and-bred. Of the two, the Ghost Pepper had the more balanced palate; the Cajun, although a bit too heavy on the vinegar, was still good. Either would make an excellent accoutrement to any Latin-inspired fare.

New rules proposed in Washington and Colorado mandate a cap of 10 milligrams cannabinoid content per serving and a ceiling of 100 milligrams per package – which happens to exactly match the THC content in one 2 ounce CaliFresh bottle. Thus, CaliFresh represents itself well in the current over-regulated markets here in the U.S. It’s nice to see a company refusing to skimp on flavor while working within onerous laws.

As their packaging states, “the appropriate dosing of medical marijuana may be different for each patient and medical condition.” The CNM team, with varying levels of tolerance, all felt different psychoactive effects from these spicy small bottles. If the hot sauce is too hot for you, we highly recommend medicating with one of their salad dressings. Asian Sesame was a team favorite.

First appeared in Issue 7 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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