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Singing Bird Farm

A mason jar with a label from Singing Bird Farm in Oregon.

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Singing Bird Farm

Some things are just meant to go together, and the good folks at Singing Bird Farm in bucolic Oregon have proven that pot and honey have a sweeter synergy than even the nostalgic staple of peanut butter and jelly; together, they form an exquisite experience. The Really Raw Green Bee Balm (made from coconut oil, honey, and a heretofore unknown nutrient labeled ‘vitamin G’) makes for a luxurious skin treatment, especially for scrapes and burns. The honey’s natural antibiotic properties combine with the resin’s anti-inflammatory effects to make for a rapid salve but no psychoactive effect – perfect for those who need to patch up and get on with their day. The added cacao butter enriches the balm’s moisturizing qualities while giving it a creamy texture.

But CNM’s favorite Singing Bird Farm product is their mellifluous elderberry propolis homeopathic honey, which offers a burst of healing deliciousness with every tiny spoonful. Novices are advised to start with half a teaspoon mixed with a cup of their favorite tea; experienced users may want to use a whole teaspoon. Sip slowly, savoring every sweet splash before gulping down the potent immunity-boosting blend of herbs so thoughtfully crafted into every bottle. This is as sweet as medicine gets.

First appeared in Issue 7 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

Click here to purchase: The Really Raw Green Bee Balm/ ½ oz: $3, 2oz: $6
Click here to purchase: Honey Tea/ 4 oz: $6.00, 8 oz: $10

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