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Marco Troiani

Marco Troiani was the laboratory manager of DB Labs from its founding 2015-2016 and lab technician at Steep Hill Labs before 2013. His responsibilities included developing methods for the detection of terpenes and solvents (GC-MS), heavy metals (ICP-MS), pesticides (GC-MS-MS), and Total Yeast and Mold, Total Aerobic Bacteria, Total Coliform Bacteria, and Salmonella spp. in cannabis and associated products, as well as hiring, training and managing lab employees. Mr. Troiani worked with representatives from the state governments as a consultant regarding the legalization of cannabis in California, Nevada, New York, and Maine. Mr. Troiani has lectured on the science of cannabis in various contexts: American Chemical Society Fall 2016, Pesticide extraction and detection in cannabis; CannMed Conference 2017, Medical benefits of terpenes in cannabis; American Chemical Society Fall 2017, Terpenes in cannabis and statistical variation between strains.
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