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LAX Allows Pot Possession: Traveling Tips for Cannabis Enthusiasts

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LAX Allows Pot Possession: Traveling Tips for Cannabis Enthusiasts

With LAX’s recent announcement that it will allow passengers to carry legal quantities of cannabis, attention has again turned to traveling with pot. Here are three things that cannabis consumers should know about how best to travel with marijuana.

Times are a-changing and consumers are traveling greater distances with cannabis on their person than ever before!

Nowhere is this more evident than with Los Angeles International Airport’s recent announcement about how it now allow passengers to carry cannabis into the airport, regardless of their destination. In accordance with California state law, travelers through one of the world’s busiest airports will now be able to possess up to 28.5 grams of flower and eight grams of hash.

If just one person on each of the 1,659 flights LAX averages per day were to carry the maximum amount of flowers allowed, 104 pounds of marijuana would travel through the airport daily.

And the good folks at LAX closed their announcement by imparting the first tip we have for all cannatravelers.

1) Stay Aware of Local Laws

LAX noted that, despite how cool things are in California these days, “Passengers should be aware that marijuana laws vary state by state and they are encouraged to check the laws of the states in which they plan to travel.”

One might even think broader. One man’s “I’m off the plane” spliff in San Francisco could be another man’s death sentence for drug trafficking in southeast Asia.

For example, the cabinet in Malaysia only recently decided that they shouldn’t execute people for possessing medical cannabis oil. In 2015, local police caught 29-year-old Muhammad Lukman with 3.4 liters of cannabis oil he said he only sold to assist sick people. After chatting on the possibility of Malaysia becoming the first country in the region to legalize medical marijuana, the cabinet simply rescinded Lukman’s death sentence.

When traveling within the U.S., NORML’s state by state guide to marijuana laws is a must-read to ensure that you don’t put yourself in too much hot water. Being on one side of an imaginary line with too much marijuana can cost thousands to deal with — or worse!

2) Know What Product You’re Going to Consume

So you’ve looked around and discovered you won’t get in trouble for pot at your destination, or you’re are willing to take applicable risks. Now it’s time to decide what you’re actually going to smoke? The first thing you are going to want to ask yourself is an honest appraisal of whether you think the pot you can bring is better than what you’ll get at your final destination.

While this is an easy question for someone traveling from Iowa to the West Coast, it gets blurry quick when other locations come into the equation. What if you’ve got some real deal B-list mids in St. Louis? Will the nugs of Cancun be able to compare? Absolutely. Your best bet in Mexico is to ask the guys selling luchador masks. While much of the nugs from Mexico that make it across the U.S. border are compressed, dry and have been handled in the worst ways possible, but the actual local product isn’t so bad. For example, in Playa Del Carmen, you can score a quarter for $40 bucks, but you have to believe in yourself and be willing to haggle in a respectful way. Remember the cartels tend to shoot each other and aren’t going to stick you a hole just for trying to get a deal on some buds.

3) Make Sure You Come Prepared With Paraphernalia

One does not simply presume their favorite style of rolling papers will be available on the slopes of Kilimanjaro — they bring their own!

Are you going to bring papers? Maybe just buy a cheap pipe to last the week and toss it at the end of your travels? Both are great options, but knowing is half the battle. Making that decision early will provide for less stress later.

Also, think about how you’re actually going to smoke. You can throw a couple fabric softener sheets and rubber bands in a Ziploc baggie for a quick spoof when you get to your hotel to mask the smell of the cannabis smoke, or just have faith in the time-honored towel in the door jam.

And finally, and most importantly, if the pilot tells you to put the blunt out, you do it. No matter how many Justin Biebers you’ve produced.

TELL US, what are your tips for traveling with cannabis?

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