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The 5 Biggest Cannabis Instagram Influencers


The 5 Biggest Cannabis Instagram Influencers

Illustration Ryan Garcia

The 5 Biggest Cannabis Instagram Influencers

Check out our picks for the heaviest hitters of the world wide weed web.

It’s not easy being famous online — or, at least, it’s not easy getting famous online. Everyone and their grandmother is on social media these days (more on that later), so sticking out from the pack can be particularly challenging, especially in the THC-soaked world of Weedstagram.

With the most followers in the cannabis niche, these five people demonstrate five distinct ways of building a loyal audience online.

The Millionaire

@DanBilzerian — 27.6 million followers

The most-followed man in the cannabis Instagram realm garnered his fame thanks to photos of scantily clad women, his lavish lifestyle and, more recently, photos relating to his new cannabis venture, Ignite.

The Industry Expert

@BigMike — 2.8 million followers

A cannabis OG who’s been involved in the industry since 1983, BigMike started his career as a grower before expanding into entrepreneurship and research. This experience is reflected in his feed, which is a mix of his business advice, pictures of female models consuming cannabis and photos of cannabis products under his Advanced Nutrients brand — a recipe for weed-fluencer success.

The Celebrity

@HeyTommyChong — 2.5 million followers

In the face of the green rush investors who say they want to be “different from Cheech & Chong,” comedian Tommy Chong is still relevant, baby! He’s got the memes, he’s got the clout and if you watch his stories, you might just see him smoking with his longtime buddy Cheech Marin.

The Novelty

@Dabbing_Granny — 1.1 million followers

Kind of like if Baddie Winkle was about the cannabis lifestyle, Dabbing Granny is absolutely a real head who could smoke us under the table. She’s conversational, says “cheers” before every initial inhale and is a lovely voice rising up from the male-dominated Insta dabbing community.

The Babe

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I am thrilled to release my Luxury Cannabis Jewelry 💎 Design has always been a major part of my life and I’m excited to have the opportunity to offer a uniquely stunning collection unlike anything else available on the market. Pairing cannabis with fine-jewelry is cutting edge, while remaining classic. These are individual pieces of art and can be appreciated by all, not just the cannabis connoisseur and sophisticated stoner. The statement ring pictured above was inspired by a small 7 point cannabis leaf that I personally trimmed and pressed last harvest.🌱Link in bio to read more! #luxurycannabis #jewelry #jewelrydesign #cannabisjewelry #weedjewelry #luxury #mariavalentino #rooftop #rooftopnyc #fog #cityfog #weed #marijuana #newyorkcannabis

A post shared by MARIA VALENTINO 👑 (@mariavalentino) on

@MariaValentino — 1 million followers

This model turned entrepreneur showcases her luxury travel adventures, designer outfits and active lifestyle through Instagram. She’s got bikini shots, solo pics of herself enjoying joints on rooftops and also promotes her own line of CBD beauty products. C’est classique!

TELL US, who’s your favorite Instagram celebrity?

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