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Strain Review: Purple Urkle

Rich browns and purples emerge on a flowering Purple Urkle plant.


Strain Review: Purple Urkle

Strain Review: Purple Urkle

Purple Urkle is very potent medicine.

Pure genetics are hard to come by, but true purple genetics are even more rare. By far one of the most exotic cannabis plants on the planet, this special strain is believed to have originated in or around the Hindu Kush mountain range between Afghanistan and Northwest India, granting Purple Urkle the mantle of a true “Kush.”

Purple Urkle (AKA Purple Urple, Lavender, etc.) is a clone-only, thorough­bred strain. By far one of the most exotic cannabis plants on the planet, this strain is believed to have come from the Mendocino Purps line. Its genet­ics most likely originated in or around the Hindu Kush mountain range, between Afghanistan and Northwest India. Somehow this legendary strain made it to Northern California, where it has been passed on and cultivated since the late 1980s.

Great for pain relief, insomnia, mi­graine headaches, anxiety, nausea, loss of appetite, the list goes on and on.

It is recommended to smoke Purple Urkle at the end of the day after every­thing important is done or after a long hike as a reward to ease sore muscles. The strain produces a heavy narcotic buzz that may be too intense for some but just what others are looking for to medicate. Purple Urkle is very cere­bral and heady with a long-lasting body high.

The strain is truly a pleasure to smoke when grown properly. It has a sweet, smooth, grapey taste reminiscent of fruity breakfast cereal with a pungent purple aroma and strong skunky after tones.

Purple Urkle is a short, thick, bushy plant with long broad leaves. The buds are bright green and very dense with bright orange hairs and a deep violet purple color that usually comes late in flower on a healthy plant. As with any strain, the quality really just depends on the conditions in which it was grown, who grew it, the nutrients it was given and so on. Some people believe that cold temperatures are what cause plants to turn purple, and that is true in some cases, but there are true purple strains and Purple Urkle is one of the best of them.

Purple Urkle is usually harvested between eight to 10 weeks into flower. The strain is slow to vegetate and low yielding, which is why Purple Urkle is amongst the most expensive strains found in medical marijuana clubs.

By Jerimiah Johnson

Originally published in issue 7 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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