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Single Arrest Made in Denver Dispensary Raids

Hector Diaz arrested in correlation with the DEA's raids on Denver last Thursday holding assualt rifles.

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Single Arrest Made in Denver Dispensary Raids

This photo of Hector Diaz wearing a DEA baseball cap and holding up two authentic-looking semi-automatic rifles obtained by the U.S. Department of Justice was included in a criminal complaint filed against Diaz.

A Colombian national has been arrested following raids of several medical marijuana facilities in the Denver area Thursday. According to a press release issued by the Department of Justice, Hector Diaz, 49, was arrested and charged with one count of being an alien illegally in possession of a firearm. DOJ spokesman Jeffery Dorschner said there is an unsealed affidavit as it pertains to Diaz’s arrest only, stating the warrants from the original search warrant remain sealed.

Federal agents executed search and seizure warrants on several medical marijuana facilities Thursday. While details remain murky, the 16 search warrants issued included several medical marijuana dispensaries in the Denver area as well as in Boulder. Included in the 16 was a residence in Cherry Hills Village, Colo. where Diaz was found. According to a DOJ release, while concluding the security sweep of the residence, agents and officers found five assault rifles, one shotgun and five handguns, as well as a large cache of ammunition.

Diaz is set to appear in court this afternoon.

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