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Pot Advocates Plan to Smoke Weed in Front of the White House

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Pot Advocates Plan to Smoke Weed in Front of the White House

While the snarling dogs of the drug war sit comfortably in the nation’s capital not doing a damn thing to bring the country out of a soulless pit of pot prohibition, a group of cannabis advocates are scheming a protest of immense proportions by which they intend to smoke weed in front of the White House.

Citing a recent speech from comedian Bill Maher calling for the population to forget about all of this state’s rights business and push instead for nationwide pot reform, the DC Cannabis Campaign, the group responsible for bringing legal weed to the District in 2014, announced on Tuesday that they will conduct a smoke-out at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on April 2 in an effort to inspire President Obama to reschedule marijuana before he leaves office.

Instead of arranging the typical 420 gathering, the group has devised a clever tongue-in-cheek calendar tactic to express their disdain for the president’s lack of concern for this issue. “Due to popular demand, we’re rescheduling 4/20 this year to 4/2 because Obama’s been a BIG ZERO on cannabis reform,” DCCC said in a statement.

Lead organizer Adam Eidinger and his band of ballsy cronies are calling for pot enthusiasts from all over the country to join in this act of civil obedience, something he admits could lead to hundreds of people going to a jail, but one that is necessary at this juncture to spawn any action at the federal level.

“We’re calling on the whole country to come,” he told U.S. News. “This is a national mobilization. Some of us may end up in jail, and that’s fine. It’s actually necessary at this point.”

The protest will not have any of the usual bureaucratic red tape to stand in the way of its progress because organizers do not plan to submit applications for permits or seek approval of any kind. Instead, they simply plan to greet in upwards of a thousand people in front of the White House to get super stoned at 4:20 pm as a smoky middle finger to the establishment preventing the nation from enjoying legal use.

“We will not be seeking any type of permit from the National Park Police because it is our constitutional right to peacefully gather and demand Obama stop being hypocrite,” the DCCC said. “He smoked cannabis and became the president of the United States, and while he might think cannabis is a bad habit, does he seriously think it’s on par with heroin, nicotine, or alcohol?”

Earlier this year, President Obama said that he has no plans to initiate any reform to the federal marijuana laws before vacating office. Yet, he has told reporters that he doesn’t believe marijuana is any worse than alcohol, and most recently, his former Attorney General Eric Holder said that it was not appropriate to list marijuana in the same classification as heroin.

“This is going to be an extremely personal protest with the president,” Eidinger said. “It is not going to be Trump people out there. This is going to be his so-called base that thought he would do something for us essentially giving up. The only way to stop this protest is to start doing something. We threw the gauntlet down today, essentially.”

Click here for more details on attending the White House smoke-out.

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