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‘Post-Cable’ News Network Sets its Sights on Cannabusiness


‘Post-Cable’ News Network Sets its Sights on Cannabusiness

Cheddar is an innovative “post-cable” business news network that broadcasts live from the floor of the NYSE — and they’re looking to Cannabis Now for input on the growing cannabis industry.

The way we consume broadcast media is changing; the last time you enjoyed your favorite TV show, chances are you were streaming it — and the last time you saw a news story break, it was probably online.

Cheddar founder, Jon Steinberg, saw the power of the internet as a vehicle for news and entertainment during his time as President and COO of Buzzfeed. He envisioned a fresh, socially relevant business news network that harnessed that same medium — with one finger on the pulse of the market and another testing the shifting winds of the cultural zeitgeist.

The result is Cheddar, a smart, fresh spin on the live business news channel format that features top industry talents like senior anchor and former Wall Street Journal reporter, Kristen Scholer, and former CNBC and Bloomberg producer Kori Hale.

And since Cheddar’s anchors and producers always have their ears pressed to the floor of the NYSE, they’re uniquely positioned to identify new trends — including what their Chief Content Officer, Peter Gorenstein, said is a noticeable spike in investor interest when it comes to cannabusiness.

“Cannabis investing is definitely more palatable to investors,” he said in an email to Cannabis Now. “There’s a ton of interest.”

That interest has inspired the inclusion of more cannabis news stories in Cheddar’s daily programming — including regular appearances by Cannabis Now Associate Editor, Greg Zeman.

Zeman discusses topics ranging from federal drug policy and the massive scope of the cannabis industry to the harm reduction potential of cannabis for people struggling with opioid dependency during weekly segments devoted to cannabis policy and business news and analysis.

In a segment dedicated to federal sentencing guidelines for drug crimes, he made the case for cannabis decriminalization, saying, “Cannabis is not the issue, it’s the answer.”

“Bigger, fuller prisons do not equal safer, stronger cities,” Zeman said. “But better funded civic agencies, increased options for chronic health issues, safe alternatives to alcohol and prescription drug abuse — that does make for a safer stronger city, and that’s what cannabis decriminalization offers.”

As the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry continues to grow and move into the mainstream, the audience for cannabis news will only continue to grow as well.

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