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Omura Series X Takes Whole Flower Vaporization to Next Level


Omura Series X Takes Whole Flower Vaporization to Next Level

Second-generation heat-not-burn precision technology ups the ante with a sleek design and even more Flowerstick options.

When it comes to consuming cannabis, there are dozens of methods. From infused joints to sticky dabs, the possibilities are seemingly endless. For those seeking a convenient and stylish alternative to traditional cannabis smoking, the Omura Series X is the answer. Utilizing innovative Heat-Not-Burn technology, and a handy prefilled Flowerstick system, this cutting-edge vaporizer provides a smooth and precise consumption experience every single time. Simply pop a Flowerstick in the chamber, and you’ll be set.

The Series X is the second iteration of Omura’s system, following the groundbreaking Series I. And while the original device certainly turned heads, the Series X is already garnering plenty of attention in its own right, taking home a Good Design Award for its game-changing technology and attracting a wide array of partner brands in both CBD and THC varieties.

As one of the only dosed, whole flower devices on the market, the Omura was built with one goal in mind: to create a future-facing cannabis experience that is inclusive and consistent. The Series X takes this to a new level, and with even more Flowerstick options, Omura is poised to go above and beyond their initial objective by truly offering something for everyone.

Omura System Stands Out

The team behind Omura worked diligently to develop an exceptionally sleek and efficient vaporizer from the start, and the second generation only improves on its predecessor’s capabilities. Crafted by award-winning designer Michael Young, the Series X’s futuristic aesthetic combined with self-heating mechanisms; dual temp options that work perfectly for THC or CBD; and easy-to-use charging base make this device both fun and functional.

Here’s how it works: Biodegradable paper sticks containing 0.125 grams of lightly ground premium CBD or 0.145g of THC flower enter a compartment at the top of the unit, leaving one end exposed to act as a mouthpiece. Sensors within detect when a new Flowerstick has been inserted, automatically activating an internal convection heating component. A slight vibration indicates that the Series X is on. Three lights on the exterior begin to illuminate as the temperature rises — once all lights are on, another buzz signals the start of a three-minute session.

Users then inhale from the Flowerstick’s mouthpiece, taking in smooth, terpene-rich hits. The device automatically turns off at the end of the session. Used sticks are then removed and placed in compost or trash. The unit can then be returned to the charging base to keep it secure and fully charged day in and day out. 

Out of the box, the Series X has a high-tech vibe, invoking visions of the latest smartphone. The fast-charging USB-C base has the device ready to go in no time. In your hand, the Series X is lightweight yet sturdy, with a smooth exterior and metallic finish. Designed to be displayed proudly in the home, the unit comes with a matching charging base and goes well with any decor.

Consistency is King 

When designing the Omura, its inventors set out to build an aesthetically pleasing yet dependable consumption tool capable of offering a large catalog of cannabis cultivars that are suitable for any occasion, day or night. 

THC Flowersticks are currently sold in California and Massachusetts with more adult-use states coming soon. Brand partners include Caliva, TSO Sonomas and Tradecraft Farms on the West Coast, and Revolutionary Clinics on the East Coast. CBD offerings can be purchased in 40 states, with a wide array of blends available from Oriel, Bluhen, Barbari, Ohho and Libertine. Empty Flowersticks are also available for those who wish to use their favorite cannabis or home grow with the Omura vape.

We had a chance to try the Libertine Sour Space OG hemp variety while reviewing the Series X. The earthy and herbaceous tasting Flowerstick offered a mellow and relaxing effect, perfect for those seeking to reap the benefits of non-psychoactive CBD via a simple and effective system. 

The Series is available for $99.99. Each new device purchased includes two complimentary boxes of empty, fillable Flowersticks or one box of prefilled CBD sticks. This allows you to hit the ground running and easily enjoy all that Omura has to offer. 

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