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Omura: The Vaporizer Revolutionizing Cannabis Flower Consumption



Omura: The Vaporizer Revolutionizing Cannabis Flower Consumption

Omura’s innovative vaporizers give users a healthier, more controlled option for smoking cannabis flower or hemp.

Omura is a unique vaping experience utilizing a new approach to Heat-Not-Burn technology that makes dry cannabis flower consumption more convenient and approachable for both experienced and new users. The sleek, easy-to-use vapes come with biodegradable Flowersticks – pre-loaded and precisely dosed joint-shaped tubes that fit into the vaporizer.

Precision and purity are Omura’s ethos. By using a small amount of precisely dosed cannabis or hemp, consumers can layer their Flowersticks to create their desired effect. All Flowersticks are filled with 100% cannabis flower or hemp CBD for the purest vaping experience possible. This means no processing, no chemical additives, no trim and no shake.

Omura device

Sustainability is also important to the relatively new company, founded in 2018. The sticks themselves are made from compostable, rainforest safe paper. Four CBD brands and five THC brands have partnered with Omura to supply the flower that goes inside these sticks. They are all specifically designed for Omura devices.

“Omura was designed to be the most convenient and healthy way to consume whole flower,” said Mike Simpson, Co-CEO at Omura. “As a whole flower consumer myself, I was really looking to create a system that allowed me to have a precise dose and consistent effect so I could unwind without worry.”

A Clean Burn

Omura devices are engineered with Heat-Not-Burn technology that delivers minimal vapor and a full terpene taste profile. There’s little lingering odor, and you can say goodbye to burning, charring, smoke and ash.

The convection heating within the device ranges from 300 – 430°F. The range covers both THC’s 315°F boiling point and the 356°F boiling point for CBD. Around this temperature, the Flowerstick is essentially baked. Once the device buzzes, indicating it’s ready for use, you have three minutes to enjoy the flavor and feel of numerous cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids that are unleashed by the heat. Learn how it works in this video.

For a fun comparison, the flame of a Bic lighter can reach nearly 3,500°F. Herb hit with high heat runs more risk of releasing potentially harmful chemicals or creating irritating effects. Omura devices have eliminated the worry of any detriment to health, so you can truly appreciate the product you are putting into your body.

“We really wanted to bring sophisticated industrial design together with innovative technology so that consumers can enjoy the truest expression of the cannabis plant by slowly heating it to access all of the cannabinoids and terpenes,” Simpson said. 

All Flowersticks created for Omura use patented technology that precisely grind the cannabis and hemp rich in CBD to pack the flower as a porous plug. This keeps the flower intact while allowing for smooth airflow as you vape. The packing process also helps maintain the integrity of the flower by limiting its exposure to the outside environment.

Regardless of whether you’re filling your Omura vape with CBD or THC Flowersticks, get ready for a new, elevated type of smoke sesh. Like drinking a glass of wine, you can layer the THC Flowersticks one-by-one until your find your perfect buzz. And if you’re opting for the CBD Flowersticks, you can take pleasure in unlocking everything the hemp flower has to offer for a holistic, healthier effect. 

The Omura Bento Box

We tried the Omura Series 1 vape as part of Omura’s Bento Box collection. The Series 1 is a slender, pen-like option as opposed to the shorter and thicker Series X or Series X Deposit models. The vape, available in four different colors, has a classy appeal and is nicely weighted.

Although CBD is not a psychoactive compound, the two blends tested – Calm by Oriel and Suver Haze by Libertine – did put us in a pleasant state of mind. The vapor tasted great, and the odor was noticeable but not long-lasting.

The Bento Box itself has a clean and simple look. It includes the Series 1 vape in a variety of shades, along with its charging cord and two packs of CBD Flowersticks. All items included in the set can fit nicely in a bag, or even a couple pockets. Each Bento Box comes with a choice of two packs of CBD Flowersticks.

Overall, Omura’s Series 1 is a great vaporizer, and the Bento Box collection has everything you need to become part of what the company calls the “Whole Flower Revolution.” The Bento Box originally sits at a fair and worthy $120. To make things even better, the collection is currently on promotion for only $94.99.

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