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Oaksterdam University: 25 Years of Educating and Inspiring the Cannabis Industry

Dale Sky Jones, Executive Chancellor of Oaksterdam University
PHOTO Oaksterdam University


Oaksterdam University: 25 Years of Educating and Inspiring the Cannabis Industry

Oaksterdam University has become the most trusted source of reputable and up-to-date curriculum for both aspiring and experienced cannabis professionals.

The cannabis industry is growing exponentially, responsible for more than 321,000 full-time equivalent jobs nationwide. As the plant medicine marketplace continues to evolve, the need for high-quality education on everything from cultivation to advocacy, to business management will only increase. Recognizing this need, Oaksterdam University (OU), the preeminent cannabis college, offers a wide range of curriculum focused on the ever-changing needs of plant medicine professionals.

From traditional market operators looking to sharpen their standards knowledge or new professionals aiming to make their mark in cannabis, Oaksterdam provides relevant and up-to-date materials created to set students up for successful careers both online and in-person.

“From no experience whatsoever through expert practitioners in the cannabis industry, we can help professionals transfer their skillsets or assist ancillary industries interface with plant-touching clients,” said Dale Sky Jones, Oaksterdam University’s executive chancellor. 

Founded in 2007 in Oakland, California, this institution of higher learning is the most trusted and recognizable name in cannabis education Since its inception, over 50,000 alumni from 40+ countries have experienced all that OU has to offer. But it’s not just industry community members who rely on Oaksterdam for pertinent and information; government officials, regulators, and law enforcement also look to the university to help guide policy and frame the market of tomorrow.

Cannabis Curriculum Includes Wide Breadth of Topics

Oaksterdam University prides itself on preparing students to go the distance in the rapidly expanding cannabis space. Core programs include Business of Cannabis, Commercial Horticulture, Extractions and Manufacturing, and Budtender certifications. All courses are taught by subject matter experts who have pioneered the legal industry in California and beyond.

“Our curricula are focused on all aspects of the cannabis industry, including federal and state law, politics and history, legal rights and responsibilities, cannabis and hemp horticulture, indoor and greenhouse management, the research and science of cannabis, patient relations, methods of consumption, product safety, operations, business management, economics, legal business structures, compliance, public safety, and advocacy,” Jones explained.

She adds that Oaksterdam aims to provide a holistic view of the emerging plant medicine space, preparing enrollees for the unique challenges and benefits they may encounter while simultaneously supporting reform efforts at large.

“We carefully crafted a well-rounded view of how to focus curriculum to reach learning outcomes that benefit the graduate with what they need to know, not just what they want to know,” Jones said. “We help our students mitigate risk. We are focused on de-scheduling cannabis to legalize research, ensure safe access for veterans and medical patients, decriminalize for all citizens, especially in communities of color, and allow for small businesses to be the backbone of the cannabis industry, as it is in America’s economy.”

Prospective students can explore OU by taking one of three free courses: Cannabis, Pain and the Opioid Crisis; Advocacy; or Seeds. For those seeking to complete their education on their timetable, OU also offers self-paced certification programs.

The Business of Cannabis and Commercial Horticulture Certification Program Semester Cohorts start in August. Interested applicants should note that both are filling up quickly, and the deadline to apply is Aug. 10, 2021, at midnight PST. Self-paced online courses do not have a deadline and are open for enrollment at any time. 

Politicians, Non-Industry Professionals and Community Leaders All Look to Oaksterdam

Oaksterdam prides itself on being a top resource for both aspiring and experienced cannabis industry professionals, as well as those in need of high-quality authoritative knowledge. The institution is trusted by government entities, elected officials, trade organizations and fellow educational bodies to provide trusted and information meant to guide regulatory frameworks and taxation. 

Some of the groups partnering with OU include the U.S. Department of Transportation: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; Congressional Cannabis Caucus; Florida Department of Health and the Florida Department of Agriculture; the Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government; The American Bar Association; and The University of California system.

OU is also an authorized provider of technical assistance for Los Angeles’ and San Francisco’s cannabis social equity programs, ensuring these important divisions run smoothly.

From Legacy to Legalization and Beyond, OU Sets the Bar High

Oaksterdam has spent nearly a quarter-century guiding the cannabis industry’s best and brightest while simultaneously shaping the mold for the marketplace of tomorrow. Formed by advocates and early leaders in California’s legacy medical market, OU continues to recognize the nuanced and sometimes complicated nature of the emerging plant medicine space, always willing to adapt to the shifting landscape. From framing regulation to fighting for nationwide reform, the school has cemented itself as one of the most formidable sources of education and advocacy in the global cannabis space.

For Jones and the rest of the administrators, instructors, and staff at Oaksterdam, it’s about removing the stigmas around plant medicine and creating a safe and equitable industry for all.

“Cannabis has been demonized by prohibition and has deprived us of a safe medicine that can be grown itself,” Jones proclaimed. “This is why Oaksterdam University is so diligent to set the standards through our efforts in education. Education is the foundation that drives the standard of a new industry.”

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