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MJNA’s HempmedsPX™ Launches “Don’t Move” for Marijuana Campaign

An ad from HempMeds urges people moving to Colorado to receive legal mmj to stay put because Hemp CBD is legal in all 50 states.


MJNA’s HempmedsPX™ Launches “Don’t Move” for Marijuana Campaign

Last year, Boise mom Lindsey Rinehart had her children removed from her custody for 17 days because she was using medical cannabis to treat her severe multiple sclerosis (MS).  When she got her kids back, she promised not to use cannabis and watched slowly as her body deteriorated again. She was tapped by ABC to appear on The View where she told a national audience her family was looking to move to Oregon to secure safe access to cannabis without her family being torn apart.

Today, Rinehart and her family live in Portland, Ore., where she has gotten even more involved in the cannabis industry and movement—her health returning as soon as she had safe access to cannabis in the medical refuge of Oregon.

Rinehart, along with other concerned mothers across the nation, founded The Undergreen Railroad, a not-for-profit organization helping the most vulnerable families flee from prohibition states to states with medical marijuana laws so they could treat their sick and dying children or themselves without the threat of their family being torn apart by law enforcement and CPS.

The Undergreen Railroad received so many requests in just the first hours of the website’s launch they had to remove their intake form from the website. The issue gained so much media attention that even Sanjay Gupta used “moving for marijuana” to tell the story central to Weed 2: Cannabis Madness.

After the airing of the first Gupta special, in 2013, the demand for CBD medicines soared in both states with and without medical cannabis laws. Many families have opted to move in order to secure safe access to the medicines.

In response to the wave of families moving to states such as Colorado to secure safe access, San Diego-based HempMedsPX™, a subsidiary of Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA) has launched the “Don’t Move” campaign to raise awareness of their products, which they say are a legal option in all 50 states.

HempMedsPX™ says they are launching the public awareness campaign to “counter recent reports through the mainstream media that one must relocate to a legalized medical marijuana state to access CBD oil.” Currently, their high-CBD products such as RSHO are available for purchase in all 50 states and 40 countries worldwide. They plan to feature the “Don’t Move” campaign in any public appearances or industry events.

“It is heartbreaking to see more mainstream media reports each day, highlighting families who are uprooting or being torn apart in their quest for CBD,” says Charles Vest, VP of Communications for HempMedsPX™ in a press release earlier this week. “They are leaving their families, their support system, their churches and their schools. This causes a domino effect of challenges for their existing communities, not to mention the tax dollars leaving those cities. All of that can be eliminated by a simple phone call to HempMedsPX™.”

Vest adds that a recent string of legislation in conservative states to legalize high-CBD strains of cannabis is a mistake and that the company believes in full legalization of cannabis and industrial hemp.

“Pushing towards full legalization is critically important for us because ‘CBD-only’ is not the choice for many, and it is not what is ideal for everyone,” Vest says. “However, until nationwide cannabis legalization is achieved, we believe in giving people without access another choice.”

What do you think of the CBD-only laws? Tell us in the comments below.

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