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Kwanzaa’s Seven Principles: Lessons for Marijuana Activists in 2014

Ngaio, our Dear Dabby writer, takes a hit from a cross joint in celebration of Kwanzaa and all that it represents.

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Kwanzaa’s Seven Principles: Lessons for Marijuana Activists in 2014

Kwanzaa is my favorite winter celebration, mostly because Kwanzaa is about more than shopping and gifts and eating. Each day of Kwanzaa has a theme. These themes, called “The Seven Principles” are good guidelines for living a productive life, and winning the Drug War. Let’s take a look:

The Seven Principles of Kwanzaa

Umoja-Unity: Activists have to stick together. That’s it. We all want the same thing: an end to marijuana prohibition. All of the rest of it is just details. We do great things when we work together. Let’s work together not against each other this election year.

Kujichagulia-Self Determination: Pot activists are some of the most individualistic people I know. You have to have a strong self-determination streak to think you can not just smoke pot, but actively work to change pot laws in the face of government resistance. Self determination will continue to propel us forward.

Ujima-Collective Work and Responsibility: I have one word for you: Hempfests. Hempfests in general and the Seattle Hempfest specifically show what can happen when a determined group of people work to create common good. Medical marijuana collectives and co-op grows are also a good example. We have a responsibility to continue pushing the envelope at Hempfests in 2014.

Nia-Purpose: Legalizing marijuana is the purpose.

Kuumba- Creativity: Cannabis activists must be creative, and not because they may need to make a bong out of anything, but because they find all sorts of ways to change marijuana law. It seems like every time the government tries to stop marijuana activists, the community creates a new way. Well done.

Imani – Faith: We all know marijuana is an important plant. We believe we can change the laws and keep people out of jail for using or growing weed. We believe that the marijuana industry is a worthwhile enterprise which is why we will continue to work towards full legalization in 2014.

Huh. It turns out a bunch of you are already using The Seven Principles and you probably didn’t even know it. Happy Kwanzaa.

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