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Issue 26
Print Edition (140 pages)
May 2017

What’s Inside Issue 26

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Editor’s Note By Ellen Holland p.10
Letters / Contest p.15
High Note p.136


Women with a Vision: Meet the women leading the cannabis industry. By Nina Vera p.86
Sirius Black is Purple Perfection: Some see purple weed as a gimmick, but this stuff is serious. By Greg Zeman p.96 
Aunt Zelda’s: How a family recipe launched a company devoted to the promise of cannabis’ ability to treat diseases. By Ellen Holland p.104


We Want the Funk: Funk icon and music legend George Clinton breaks down the ways he enjoys cannabis and the focus of his new album, as Funkadelic sets out to take on Big Pharma. By Ellen Holland p.17
From Lamps to CHAMPS: The functional art glass industry faced massive obstacles during its evolution from an underground phenomenon into an economic powerhouse. By Jimi Devine p.21
Summer at Red Rocks: Spend the hottest season of the year at one of these hot shows in legalized Colorado. p.25
Sunshine Sessions: The best and biggest cannabis events across the country this summer. p.26
Dennis Peron: A cannabis folk hero who never sold out. By Chris Roberts p.30
Terp Boys: Shattering Ceilings By Greg Zeman p.35


Phantom Farms: This organic Oregon cultivator conjures up hauntingly high-grade cannabis. By Jimi Devine p.38
Zoom in on Trichomes: These fine outgrowths on the cannabis plant serve many purposes, including housing resin glands full of THCp.48
Species of Cannabis: Ruderalis and hybrids. p.51
Uncovering Cannabis Ancestry Through Science: Genome testing kits take the guesswork out of identifying strains. By Timothy Anderson p.56


Dear Dabby: Comedian Ngaio Bealum offers advice on how to get a career in cannabis. By Ngaio Bealum p.61
Staffing a Social Movement: Six tips to secure a career in cannabis. By Danielle Schumacher p.64 
A New Course for Cannabis Careers: All these new cannabis jobs are proof of a maturing industry and a normalized plant. By Ricardo Baca  p.68

Health & Wellness

Treat the Aches and Pains of AgingTopicals and edibles are offering pain management solutions for seniors seeking relief for arthritis. By Sara Payan p.71
5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Endocannabinoid System Without Cannabis: How to boost your endogenous cannabinoid receptors when the good stuff isn’t on hand. By Dragonfly de la Luz p.74
In the Beginning, There was CBG: This formative cannabinoid has been credited with treating all kinds of ailments, but it might work best when paired with others. By Kristen Gwynne p.78
Surviving India Without Ganja: Longtime cultivators try traveling sans cannabis. By Nikki Laestrto p.98


Book: Ganja Yoga Reviewed by K. Astre p.113
Making a Better Bud Better: Crafting the culinary cornerstone of almost every edibles recipe. By Laurie and Maryjane  p.115
Reefer’s Closet: Hemp Wearables, Beyond Your Basic Beanie: The strong, mold-resistant fabric has been used for thousands of years as clothing — now is our chance to rediscover it. By Coral Reefer p.120
Product Spotlight: Jane West Beaker & Dipper p.126
Dispensary Profile – Paper & Leaf: Take a unique journey across the water to a one-of-a-kind boutique dispensary.By Max Savage Levenson p.131

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