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Incorporating Cannabis In Your Workout

Incorporating Cannabis In Your Workout
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Incorporating Cannabis In Your Workout

Marijuana can put your mind in the zone and help muscle relaxation post workout.

Although many people use cannabis to relax and unwind after a busy day, you can also use it to enhance your workouts and decrease muscle soreness afterwards if it’s consumed in mindful moderation. It can fit into different types of workouts from cardio to weight training to yoga depending on your needs and help put you in the zone to do your best.

You can choose whether you microdose or have enough to really feel the difference, but the idea is not to get so high that you can’t concentrate or put yourself at risk. Of course, if you choose to use CBD-dominant strains or edibles then you don’t have to worry about any sort of buzz that could throw you off of your game. For those that prefer THC, sativas and hybrids are good before workouts. They can help increase energy, boost your mood and provide a cerebral high that can make working out more pleasant and make it seem like the time is passing by faster than it really is.

Smoking or vaping is the quickest way to medicate before exercising, especially if you spontaneously decide to workout and don’t have time to wait for an edible to kick in. A few puffs of a strain that will lift your spirits and jumpstart your sense of motivation can go a long way.  If you’re going to be exercising outside or at home, smoking is an easy choice, but vaping may be the way to go if you don’t want to worry about being out in public smelling like weed. If you want to smoke before the gym, just freshen up before you leave the house if that’s something that matters to you.

There are a lot of options when it comes to edibles that are healthy and can fit into most dietary restrictions whether you’re trying to lose weight, bulk up or stay in shape. There are snacks and drinks that are low in sugar, vegan, raw and even gluten-free. If you want to feel your edible during your workout, you’ll need to plan to take it beforehand and give it time to kick in. Depending on how your body digests edibles and how much you’ve eaten that day, it may take a little trial and error to perfect the timing.

Using topicals before and after a workout can help ease the soreness that can sometimes pop up a day or two following exercise. If you know what type of workout you plan to do, you can go ahead and apply the topical in the area that you will be focusing on. Hit your legs and lower back before a hike, rub some on your arms and shoulder before an upper body training session or put it on your feet and knees if you’re planning on a long run on the pavement. You can also try bath salts or bath bombs that you can soak in after a workout.

In general, indica strains that make you want to take a nap should be avoided pre-workout unless you’re intentionally looking for something to accompany a calming workout at the end of the day like restorative yoga or deep stretching before bed. However, they can be useful for rest days when you want to relax your body on another level and don’t have to get your energy up to exert yourself.

For people who are new to working out or getting back to the gym after a long break, it’s a good idea to with a little bit of cannabis and build up to see how you feel while your body adjusts to consistent movement to avoid things like lightheadedness or rapid, uncomfortable heartbeat. That goes for those who are regulars in the gym or do hardcore sessions as well. You might be surprised to find out that the amount you normally enjoy while you’re at home watching TV may not be as fun during or after a 5-mile run or heavy lifting.

TELL US, have you ever paired cannabis with a workout?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mitchell Rangiawha

    October 6, 2018 at 12:30 pm

    Nice article, thank you.

    I use a simple home made canna-coconut oil on my muscles before my training and I feel like it helps keep my body loose and relaxed, raises my stamina, and my pain threshold. I feel like it actively works as an anti-inflammatory while I’m training. It’s as if my muscles are already warm before my warm up. I feel like it helps my body recover afterwards too. If I have cramps after training I rub it on and it stops the cramp instantly, and stops those muscles from cramping for the rest of the night. I feel guilty that I can’t give any to my training partners with muscle and joint injuries, but it’s still illegal where I live and there’s a risk that some of them still don’t understand the truth about cannabis and could get me into trouble. I also don’t have enough give anyone a constant supply and don’t want to give people something they can only have a small amount of. What would be the point? They’re not gonna grow their own and make their own medicine and they’re definitely not gonna spend 3-400 on an oz. to make a muscle rub.

    I also smoke about an hour before training because it helps my mind focus on learning what we’re being taught, and gives me an ability to think faster, and more laterally. To put this into perspective I smoke multiple times every day (only about 1-2 g/day) which means I basically live in a slightly altered state, so smoking before training isn’t really to get my mind working differently than usual, it’s to make sure it works like it usually does..
    It also lowers my anxiety related to being in social situations, if I didn’t smoke before training I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on learning as easily, because my mind would be preoccupied with thinking about silly things like who’s looking at me and what they’re thinking. I know that sounds a bit crazy but trust me, that problem was caused by my childhood, not my cannabis use.
    Like the article says though, I have found that less is more, I made the mistake of smoking too much once, and too close to the start of training. My thoughts were scrambled, my mouth was way too dry, and I felt a little bit lethargic. I really didn’t do well that night. From that point I knew I had to time my smoke to about an hour before training started, and be mindful of how much I consume.

    In conclusion I would highly recommend training in some form of traditional martial arts in conjunction with mindful cannabis use, for development of mind and body connection, and fulfillment of ones potential.

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