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Do’s and Don’ts for the Fourth of July Weekend

Someone rolls up a joint in American flag papers for the 4th of July.

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Do’s and Don’ts for the Fourth of July Weekend

Everyone was ready. The blunt was lit and glowing with every puff. Smoke swirled in the air, coughs and laughs bounced around the room and the esoteric conversations that typically follow a good inhale started to flow. And then, it happened — someone started telling a complete and totally detailed story.

Was it entertaining? Sure. Did we listen? Partially. But our immediate attention was on the halted rotation and the blunt being held hostage between the fingers of a skilled but stoned orator. It wasn’t the worst but it definitely wasn’t pleasant. Like Sartre said, “Hell is other people.”

This weekend there will be an abundance of backyard barbeques and poolside parties where tokers will have the opportunity to show off their manners while they celebrate. Chances are most know not to leave their spit all over the mouthpiece, not to torch the entire bowl during a bong rip and that “puff, puff, pass” is more than just a casual recommendation while in a group setting. But sometimes details slip under the radar and make for some disastrous party fouls.

Check out these suggestions to help keep the weekend blooper-free.


1. Pick out the Perfect Strain

Make it a point to select a strain or two (or three) that won’t zap all of the energy out of the room and leave everyone walking around like zombies. Go for uplifting, stimulating strains like Sour Diesel, Orange Velvet or XJ-13 that are known for their happy, euphoric and invigorating qualities. Try to stay away from heavy, indica-dominant strains that can cause folks to feel sleepy and a little drained.

2. Come Prepared

Nothing ruins a good time like being unprepared. Grab the rolling papers, take another lighter just in case the first one gets snagged (you know how often that happens), make sure the grinder is packed and definitely bring a few extra buds for when the party goes longer than expected. It might even be a good idea to have some pre-rolled goodies ready to save the time and effort during the festivities.

3. Respect the Host’s Wishes

If the host of the party says no smoking smoke inside, then don’t smoke inside. Period. Don’t sneak off into a ventilated room and try to discreetly huff and puff out of the nearest window — that’s rude. Find out what works for them and what doesn’t, and try to abide by their rules regardless of whether they seem reasonable or not. If it dampens the party too much just consider having the next holiday rager at home instead.

4. Stay Hydrated

It’s going to be hot outside and drinking lots of liquid is a good idea to combat cotton mouth and dehydration while the joints are going around. Beer, wine and whatever else is available will undoubtedly be consumed but water is a must when there’s lots of smoking going on. It’s also important to keep the energy high, too. Opt for a Cannabis Energy Drink with hemp seed oil and a kick of caffeine to revive the party spirit.

5. Tell People if There’s Weed in the Food You Brought

Bringing something tasty to share with everyone is not only nice but considerate. However, bringing something tasty to share with everyone and not mentioning that there’s canna-butter in it is not a good idea. Tape a note next to the dish or find some other obvious way to let potential consumers know that there’s something special about the guacamole.


1. Start a Story While You Have the Blunt

We’ve gone over this but it’s important to reiterate. When in possession of a blunt or any other smoking apparatus, do not start reminiscing about that beautiful hike with the amazing scenery up in Napa while everyone tries not to stare impatiently. Save the incessant yacking for afterwards when folks are more likely to enjoy it.

2. Eat the Mega-Dose Cookie Before You Arrive

Look, it’s just not a good idea, okay? Being über-duper high all day is fine, but showing up to the festivities stoned beyond recognition won’t really make it any more fun — for anyone. Have a bite or two, maybe even half, and then bring the rest of the treat along to the party to share or nibble on later. Otherwise, that innocent cookie is going to hit like a diesel truck and probably be more overwhelming than intended or desired.

3. Be a Stingy Jerk

Sharing is caring, right? So, just plan on sharing whatever is brought with whomever is nearest when it’s pulled out. There’s nothing wrong with a solo toke at the right time and place, but it says a lot about a person when they try to make smoking a solitary activity while they’re in a social setting.

4. Underestimate the Munchies

Be honest about what it will take to appease the raging case of munchies that will inevitably follow an awesome session. There will probably be lots of food to eat but it never hurts to bring additional snacks to prevent the host from getting eaten out of house and home. Everyone will be eternally grateful to the genius that brought the extra bags of chips and various flavors of dip that saved them from starving before the burgers were done.

5. Be That Guy

It’s important to have a pretty good idea of how much ganja it takes before the nearest couch or soft spot is mandatory. Everyone gets a little sleepy sometimes especially after a few hours of celebrating but passing out while the party is still going shouldn’t happen. The key is to moderate and take a little time between tokes and nibbles. Remember: slow and steady wins the race…and makes it through the barbeque without needing a power nap.

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