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Colorado Makes History with Retail Cannabis Sales

An excited customer hands over his money as cameras watch on while he makes the first retail marijuana purchase in American history.

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Colorado Makes History with Retail Cannabis Sales

Surrounded by a sea of cameras and wearing a wide grin, 32-year-old Iraq war veteran Sean Azzariti was the first customer to purchase recreational cannabis in Colorado Wednesday. The photographs of his purchase, already parodied in day two of the state’s recreational marijuana sales, demonstrate much of the vibe in Colorado yesterday, celebratory and smooth with a large media presence.

“Things have been going really well,” said executive director of Denver’s marijuana policy, Ashley Kilroy, as quoted by the Denver Post Wednesday. “We really haven’t seen a negative impact.”

On day one of sales, 17 stores opened in Denver, with another 20 opening across Colorado. Anyone over 21 with a valid ID was welcome to join in long lines at marijuana retail outlets across the state to purchase cannabis. Sales of eighths ranged from $30 to $70, and all of the initial retail supply was derived from medical pot inventory – a method of opening the stores on time that sets the stage for a division of medical marijuana patients against retail consumers.

Even some with a valid medical marijuana card, such as Cannabis Now contributor Jessica Catalano, waited in the lines to make history.

“Even with a Red Card, I am proud to stand in line to buy legal cannabis,” Catalano tweeted.

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