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Cannabis Gadgets in the Heart of Tech

Photos Gracie Malley for Cannabis Now


Cannabis Gadgets in the Heart of Tech

Moe Green’s smoking lounge provides the ultimate place to try out new THC tech.

When it comes to consuming cannabis, there is seemingly no limit to the ways we can get that endocannabinoid rush. There are hundreds of contraptions to improve and enhance the cannabis experience and more are always in development. To get a sense of the rapidly evolving marijuana consumer product space, it’s important to note that within a matter of years, cannabis concentrate enthusiasts went from titanium nails to PuffCo Peaks and Dipsticks. For those who really want to make sure they’ve got the most clout when it comes to smoking, dabbing or vaping pot, spend some time in a cannabis consumption lounge.

The Scene at Moe Greens

It’s Tuesday afternoon and myself and two of my colleagues, Photo Editor Gracie Malley and Associate Editor Julia Clark-Riddell, are sitting in the deep-backed circular booth in San Francisco’s Moe Greens smoking lounge. Laid out on the table before we arrive is everything we need to smoke — a pipe, ashtray, rolling papers, a lighter — but behind the bar in an adjacent room are several even more enticing offerings.

Although I’ve decided to come to Moe Greens to try out a smoking device that turns out was a limited-time prototype offering, I quickly pivot my interests to what I’m going to call the “Seth Rogan special.” It’s an insane gravity bong called Stundenglass that hit the scene when a video of Rogan taking a rip off of one went viral in February 2018.

“It’s a flashy piece,” Moe Greens Manager Eric Masters says as he sets it down on the table in front of us. “People know it and people want to be able to use it… It came with Seth Rogan’s name, so it was pre-built with people coming in for it.”

The table-top piece has a pill shape with two chambers, one for water and one for smoke, and uses the force of gravity to pull the smoke through the water and into one’s lungs.

Masters sets me up with a hit that fills the chamber with a thick hit of cloudy smoke. While I am able to draw it all in, it’s my first real rip of the day and fills my eyes with tears as I exhale the Cherry Cheesecake from Gold Seal SF. But there’s no reason to worry. Masters — much like a sommelier recommending a bottle of wine — is still tableside and gets me a glass of water.  

High Before You Buy

Located on a stretch of Market Street not far from the headquarters of tech giants such as Twitter and Uber, Moe Greens is one of several city-sanctioned cannabis smoking lounges in San Francisco, California. To gain entry, those 21 and older must first make a purchase (Moe Greens does not allow any outside cannabis to be smoked in the space). Once inside the lounge area, separated from the shop itself via a set of interior windows, patrons are welcome to smoke or dab in the lounge, which generally sets a 30-minute time limit on the stay.

Cannabis has been legal for adult-use in California since November 2016 and lounges like the one at Moe Greens provide invaluable spaces for public consumption. Open to travelers and locals, the lounge at Moe Greens offers not only a safe place to consume marijuana, but also access to all the newest gizmos and gadgets to do so. Masters is in charge of working with companies to bring in new smoking devices and host product demos within the space.

“It’s a try-before-you-buy model unlike anyone else has done,” he says of the program.

The lounge sees a diverse number of people on any given day and assists people who are unfamiliar with the apparatuses for smoking. Also included on every table is a card explaining the signs of over consumption (including dizziness, confusion and an accelerated heart rate), as well as some tips if someone begins to feel uncomfortable with the amount of cannabis they have consumed (water, fresh air).

Alongside differences in our body types, many things can play a role in the high one feels when consuming marijuana. Additional information on the cards at Moe Greens is a valuable ask for any cannabis smoker to consider when enjoying our favorite flower. “Today have you… traveled on a plane? Drank water? Eaten food? Consumed alcohol?”

When trying out a fancy gravity bongs worth $500, packed with top-shelf bud, it’s pretty much necessary to have such information close by.

So Many Choices

Before our afternoon tasting session ends, Masters brings over a Vitae bong with interchangeable glass pieces. The piece is stacked with a set of triple honeycomb percolators and, once filled with a sungrown Super Fruit from Elysian Fields, delivers a smooth hit.

While myself and my crew of fellow Cannabis Now colleagues enjoyed our time experimenting with the new glass in the lounge, one of the best parts of the experience for me was knowing that anyone can do the same.

Moe Greens will be hosting a demo for the Jinni “infinity waterfall” pipe on Sunday, Oct. 27. In the meantime, everyone with a desire to be hyper-acquainted with all the latest in THC tech can visit the lounge at Moe Greens.  

TELL US, what’s the coolest bong you’ve smoked out of?

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