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Cannabis Cup Lands in Northern California

A customer takes a sample dab at the Cannabis Cup in northern California

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Cannabis Cup Lands in Northern California

It wasn’t until the shuttle ride home that the magnitude of everything experienced at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup truly set in. A fellow passenger sat proudly displaying a Candy Kush clone and said it best, “I always wanted to go to a Cannabis Cup and now I finally have.”

The fourth annual event, which took place over two days in Richmond, Calif. was a maze (and haze) of all things cannabis. Upon arrival in the giant pavilion space attendees were welcome to take in a number of panels addressing subjects such as indoor cultivation and concentrates. Several of vendor booths were set up in the pavilion area for those without their medical marijuana cards to peruse and, for those who just couldn’t resist discovering all the event had to offer, doctors were on hand to provide recommendations on the spot.

The medical areas outside were set apart in three large zones. Once inside patients were welcome to smoke freely and be razzle dazzled by each booth’s offerings. Several dispensaries were present to showcase a stunning array of indicas, sativas, edibles and topicals. Free offerings included popcorn flavored with ganja butter, a medicated punch and several types of candy samples. Many booths also hosted dab stations in which patrons were welcome to sample different types of concentrates with their very own dabtender.

Magnolia Wellness, an Oakland, Calif.- based dispensary set to open in July, won the award for best booth and it was easy to tell why. Their booth, located at the very back of the event space, featured free dabs and bongloads at a tropical themed bar area complete with a hangout zone, musical performances and speakers and a Ferris wheel where the rides were free.

At the close of the first day, the party moved into the pavilion for a performance by three members of the Wu-Tang Clan, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon and GZA. Prior to their arrival Miss High Times and the members of the Cali Connection Seed Co. worked audience members into a frenzy by throwing out free swag and an innumerable amount of pre-rolled joints. The performers, who pointed out that members of their hometown crew would be in heaven at such an event, then rocked the stage until the giant glass ceiling pavilion area was completely enveloped in a thick haze of smoke. The epic event came to a close the next day with an awards presentation to those with the best strains and edibles.


The winners are:

Best Sativa
Cracker Jack by Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals

Best Indica
Girl Scout Cookies by Berkeley Patients Group

Best Hybrid
Headband by Loud Seeds

Best Concentrate
Paris OG Wax by Grateful Meds

Best Hash
Solventless Wax by BAMF Extractions & Reserva Privada

Best edible
Kiva Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar by RCP Sacramento

High CBD
Edible: Lemon Blueberry C.B.canD Lollypop by Top Shelf Collective & Shatter Made Edibles
Flower: Jedi Kush by Blindpack Trading Pins
Concentrate: C.B.CanD Oil by MTG Seeds & First Class Concentrates

Best Non-Edible Medically Infused Product
Doc Green’s Therapeutic Healing Cream by Doc Green’s Healing Collective

Best Product
Oil Slick

Best Booth
Magnolia Wellness

Best Glass
Hitman by Hitman Glass

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