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Cannabis Cultivation – A Complete Grower’s Guide (3rd Edition) by Mel Thomas

The cover of "Cannabis Cultivation" shows a simple pot leaf and a yellow and red note that indicates this is a third edition copy.


Cannabis Cultivation – A Complete Grower’s Guide (3rd Edition) by Mel Thomas

In sharp contrast, Cannabis Cultivation by Mel Thomas presents exhaustive coverage of the most popular cannabis production techniques while including authoritative write-ups on other methods even experienced growers may not have heard of. A treasure trove of experience rich with gorgeous full-glossy photos sure to make any aficionado’s mouth water, the third edition of Cannabis Cultivation is a bargain at only $20.00 USD.

Refreshingly, author Mel Thomas – an experienced grower with more than one run-in with the law – steers well clear of the dogmatic polemics (“Indoor is better!” “No, outdoor!”) prevalent in many well-known books in the field, instead offering an objective, balanced view of the pros and cons of techniques as diverse as organic outdoor cultivation and indoor hydroponic Sea of Green. All explanations are clear and easy to follow, and the balanced collection of photographs alternates between helpful illustrations and eye-popping pot porn. Tips on security, counter-surveillance, and what to do in event of arrest (short version: shut the hell up) come from an obviously all-too-experienced source.

In fact, Cannabis Cultivation is so exhaustive that its very strength becomes its only weakness: some sections – such as on the history of cannabis in religion, industrial uses of hemp, and, bizarrely, rolling balls of opium resin – feel extraneous, damage the book’s otherwise authoritative voice, and color the book with a sort of “kitchen sink” aesthetic. Nevertheless, these are minor quibbles compared to the impressive achievement of creating a trustworthy and exhaustive reference for any patient interested in learning how to grow their own medicine.

First appeared in Issue 4 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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