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Marijuana Made Simple – A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Like a Pro by Mediman


Marijuana Made Simple – A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Like a Pro by Mediman

As its name implies, Marijuana Made Simple aspires to present an easy, fail-proof method for growing medical grade cannabis – a worthy subject matter, and one which has been covered many times before. Ultimately, although author Mediman presents some useful tips, the text of Marijuana Made Simple fails to fulfill the promise of its title.

Mediman, in his attempts to keep his method “simple,” sometimes makes strange choices. He includes, for example, an entire section on how to medicate, apparently assuming that many of his readers are complete novices when it comes to joints, pipes, and bongs; helpfully, he also includes pharmacological primers on the differences between indica- and sativa-dominant strains. Yet at the same time, he insists that his readers set aside one plant per grow for purposes of cloning – not a “simple” process by any measure. Similarly, while the book understandably avoids the complexities of hydroponic methods, it speaks not a word about growing outdoors, which can be a much simpler production method for those who live in favorable climates.

Worse, while some steps in Mediman’s method are clearly explained, other important proscriptions are maddeningly vague, such as the book’s breezy coverage of vital topics like proper light mounting and electrical setup – steps which, if mishandled, could result in catastrophe far worse than just losing one’s crop.

Thus, while Marijuana Made Simple includes mostly-helpful photographs and some useful information (including exhaustive charts of precise amendment ratios, pH, and light setups for Mediman’s favorite strains), the book fails to distinguish itself in an already crowded field.

First appeared in Issue 4 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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