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Bong-A-Thon Threatened By Colorado Authorities

Photo By Gracie Malley


Bong-A-Thon Threatened By Colorado Authorities

The fight for the right to bong is on. The Colorado Invitational Bong-A-Thon has faced pushback from local authorities in the past, and this year is no different.

On Monday, county commissioners in Montezuma County, Colorado moved to file an injunction to stop the 32nd Annual Bong-A-Thon event after residents vocalized their concerns for public safety at the commission’s meeting. The event, only available to those with tickets, was scheduled to take place on private property in Stoner, Colorado from July 31 to August 2 and includes communal camping with smoking competitions. Now, event organizers say they will have to relocate the celebration to avoid persecution.

“It’s a constant battle between activism and ultimately the authorities,” event organizer Chris Jetter told Cannabis Now. “I’ve been dealing with the cannabis industry since ‘92, and every day is dealing with pushback and negativity. If you have one day with everything going perfectly and smoothly, that’s a rare, rare day.”

Jetter said that Bong-A-Thon had followed all of procedures necessary — securing quotes from insurance companies, meeting sanitation requirements and booking private land. The only thing the event needed from the county was a sound permit for after 10 p.m., but was denied, he said, simply because the event featured cannabis.

Montezuma county commissioners heard complaints from about 30 residents at their meeting on Monday who pressed the council to file an injunction over fears that the event would be disruptive and dangerous.

“I live with my family and children, and I’m concerned about the criminal element of the event,” resident Mike Fitzgerald told the council, according to the Cortez Journal. “I care about property rights, but at the same time you are not allowed to do anything that endangers the neighbors.”

The commissioners voted in favor of authorizing the county attorney to file the injunction 3-0 to applause from the audience, according to the Journal.

However, Jetter said that his event was a private event on private property, and so the county’s actions against his event are unconstitutional, as Colorado’s Amendment 64 legalized marijuana to be regulated like alcohol — not like medical marijuana.

The event has been successfully held in Park County, Colorado for the past five years, but event organizers were told flatly this year to not even submit their permit applications, Jetter said. Following the broken trust displayed in Park County, Bong-A-Thon prepared a few alternative locations for this year’s event, which they now plan to relocate to instead of confronting Montezuma politicians.

“The Bong-A-Thon is about having the best time of your life, so having people drive seven hours just to get harassed is not optimal,” said Jetter. “With that respect, we probably will not be going to Stoner, Colorado.”

Jetter said the Bong-A-Thon will go ahead as scheduled at another location, and ticket holders will be informed five days before the event of the new location.

To purchase tickets to the 32nd Annual Bong-A-Thon, click here.

Should local authorities stop private cannabis events? Let us know what you think below.



  1. Anna

    July 10, 2015 at 8:05 am

    Outrages, that is what I call it. Been to this event in years past.We are friendly,clean and peaceful. We do our thing and leave. Most of us care about the enviroment and know the world is not our garbage can.I have never seen a fight that included fist, I have never heard of any disturbances period. I have heard us sing,scream louds sounds of happiness. Coughing, I heard that.I have known we went through some kegs,and yet was amazed the folks were too happy to be mad. Yes, the world around us doesn’t get it. They can’t see that a groups of folks can gather and not act like THEM. The judgement they pass is all about their own perceptions of their own chaotic world. They can’t see outside a box. This is even more reason to continue on. So folks can SEE there is a new way to act and be when your appreciative. That is just happy, the dredds,the throwawys,the ravers,the non traditional folk. We,

  2. Crystal

    July 9, 2015 at 10:03 pm

    Clearly no one commenting lives in dolores river valley or you would know This is not simply a case of private cannabis party vs The Man. A pasture with wetlands 1200 people & their cars. No plans for traffic control, safety on sanitation = Recipe for a shit show. In addition to bad track record with neighbors, cops & revoked liquor license no one’s mentioning, Bottom line is these idiots couldn’t get their act together enough to even prooerly apply for simple sound permit so destined to be another #[email protected]

  3. Kathleen Chippi

    July 9, 2015 at 9:59 pm

    “Should local authorities stop private cannabis events?”

    that would be unconstitutional and Hell NO! 32 years

  4. Shauna Madewell

    July 9, 2015 at 10:06 am

    Last year’s event went off without any issues, except some chic who got life lined out due to some other drug she was on. Weed is the most social drug out there…everyone is relaxed, chilling, having a blast and not bothering anyone. You dont see fights like you do in bars or when they are associated with Alcohol. MEDICAL marijuana is just that..medication! So many people are still shunned by the term “Marijuana” and while a lot, ok, most of us, have been smoking it for years, it is medication. I am diabetic and have anxiety, it helps tremendously with pain and blood sugar control. Open your minds up people and quit living in a black and white world….

  5. Al-Cannabis

    July 9, 2015 at 10:02 am

    Tell the Bigots to go disturb somewhere else because they know that this will not affect them a single fuck.

  6. Nichole

    July 9, 2015 at 8:04 am

    I don’t see anything wrong with this event except for one thing. Alcohol. I am an avid supporter of cannabis and a frequent user myself so I know for a fact (and I don’t do it) that alcohol and cannabis should never be mixed. Alcohol takes a perfectly harmless thing like cannabis and over enhances the effects and causes cannabis to have a bad name. An event like this should ban the use of alcohol of any kind and if rules r not followed participants should be kicked out! Alcohol causes people to have bad judgement drinking and driving, anger issues and fighting, alcohol poisoning in excess, people damaging property the list goes on! Alcohol is a dangerous substance and legal or not is problematic and should have zero association with cannabis as people misguidedly enough judge cannabis for everything as it is and we just don’t need the stigma. If u r gonna smoke then smoke. If u wanna drink then go to a bar and don’t give the rest of us a bad name.

  7. Jody

    July 8, 2015 at 9:39 pm

    I mean ….drinking & Driving is still ILLEGAL and people still drive regardless . Its like Saying let’s Cancel the 4th Of July due to the Drinking and Driving Situation.
    If this is going to be held at a Camping Contest , then there should be no problem the High shall be gone by that same night .

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