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Celebrating Cannabis in NYC With a Historic 420 Countdown

420 Countdown Times Square with Royal Queen Seeds
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Celebrating Cannabis in NYC With a Historic 420 Countdown

Royal Queen Seeds and Cannabis Now are bringing the celebrations to New York City’s iconic Times Square on April 20 with a history-making 420 countdown.

The countdown has begun. Nearly a century after the inaugural New Year’s Eve celebration in Manhattan’s iconic Times Square, a new countdown is happening on April 20 to commemorate—and celebrate—New York’s first 420 in the legal market. The trailblazing event is a collaboration between European cannabis seed producer Royal Queen Seeds and Cannabis Now, with the support of Honeysuckle Media and Omnichanel Outdoor, demonstrating cannabis’ global expansion.

The official Royal Queen Seeds Times Square “Cannabis Is Legal” countdown celebration begins on April 20 at 3:30 pm with a countdown leading up to 4:20 pm.

“We have so much to celebrate, and there’s no better place for a countdown than Times Square,” Shai Ramsahai, CEO of Royal Queen Seeds, says. “This 4/20, we’re excited to celebrate how growers, both in their industrial crops and now their own homes have the freedom to grow in the US.”

The seeds of change have been planted in Manhattan.

Since 1907, hundreds of thousands of people have flocked to New York City’s most famous neighborhood, Times Square, to be part of the excitement, creating a festive and electric atmosphere for New Year’s Eve celebrations. The energy of the crowd, the bright lights and the anticipation of the Ball Drop make Times Square a unique and famous destination for New Year’s Eve celebrations, and the event has become deeply entrenched in popular culture. But unlike the traditional year-end celebrations in the heart of the Big Apple, The One Times Square Billboard will be ablaze with a once-unimaginable cannabis countdown.

The milestone is more than just a celebration of the unofficial cannabis holiday. Rather, it reflects the changing public opinion of cannabis legalization and is an empirical reflection of the changing cannabis landscape, like the dawn of a new era.

“For more than a decade, Cannabis Now has promoted the industry via our national magazine, our website and at numerous live events,” Eugenio Garcia, CEO of Cannabis Now, says. “Joining with Royal Queen Seeds in New York’s Times Square, is a historic moment to demonstrate that cannabis has expanded globally and it’s perfect to celebrate this at the heartbeat of the world, Times Square.”

Join the party at One Times Square at 3.30 pm and celebrate the 420 countdown with joints and revelry to mark the historic occasion.

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