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The 12 Days of Kushmas: 11 Pipes a-Piping

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The 12 Days of Kushmas: 11 Pipes a-Piping

On the 11th day of Kushmas, my true love gave to me: 11 pipes a-piping!

There is nothing quite like finding a new piece of high-end glass on Christmas morning. Be it a small spoon, a bong or a dab rig, sharing the joy of providing a new cannabis delivery mechanism with someone is unbeatable.

On this list of top glass artists creating quality pipes right now, some of the artists on our list will be more accessible than others, but we specifically curated the list to include beautiful glass available to people in every tax bracket. Be sure to go check out these artists’ Instagram accounts, where in most instances you’ll be able to inquire directly about items you’d like to purchase.

1) Grog Glass

Grog Glass out of Eugene, Oregon is making some fantastic pieces these days. If you enjoy micro-tubes with some nice fume, check them out. Get in early because we expect Grog to continue to grow in popularity.

2) JD Maplesden

A JD Maplesden piece is essential to any collection. Maplesden also produced a fantastic documentary on glass culture this year and produces the hash trophies for The Emerald Cup. JD is a fixture on the scene, so keep an eye out for a screening of “Vagabong: The American Pipe Dream” in your neck of the woods.

3) Slum Gold

Be it pendants, carb caps or collabs, Slum Gold is top-shelf glass. Slum Gold Accessories feel like what the rap group NWA would have used for globbing if the smoking fad had taken off a couple decades ago. Admittedly, a lot of the products Slum Gold has to offer are pure flash, but if that’s your thing, you will find few in the boro-world more up your alley.

4) Hendy

Pro pic of this skull tube I made. Photo by @lukewaynemedia

A post shared by hendyglass (@hendyglass) on

Less than a year removed from his victory at the CHAMPS Glass Games 2017 this past February, where he beat out some of the nation’s top up-and-coming artists, Hendy continues to push his craft. Already an accomplished sculptor, this year just brought more fun. He also continued to assert himself near the top of the glass skull market.

5) Bluegrass Glass

Winner of The San Francisco Chronicle & GreenState’s Best Glass Artist of 2017, Bluegrass Glass proves that the hype around lamp glass continues strong. Their famed lamps look more like lava than bulb and shade and have grown in popularity this year. Due to their production in the heart of the Emerald Triangle, many of the world’s best outdoor cannabis cultivators count a Bluegrass lamp among their collection.

6) Eusheen

An elite glass collection without a work from Eusheen would be like the Louvre without something from Eugène Delacroix — simply unfathomable. While the glass pieces from Eusheen’s Redisculator collaboration with Team Japan collabs hold the fondest space in our hearts, we really do love them all.

7) Joe Peters

Be it collaborations with Elbo or Yoshinori Kondo, as pictured above, anything Peters is making on the torch is definitely worth checking out. When it comes to oozing honey and bees, Peters is king. We love the way he has done the prep work required to provide folks with what they need for their own signature series, such as the T-Rex with Elbo or the Sake Bottle with TK Happa. Of course, these signature series still hold on to the original essense that Peters provides.

8) Mohawk Glass

In addition to providing tubes for the holidays to New England, Josh from Mohawk Glass has assisted Parents for Pot with their annual Christmas toy drive for children whose parents are in prison for cannabis crimes. Josh is one of the up-and-comers on this list, so be sure to go check his Instagram out and show support for someone giving back.

9) Mr. Gray

Function is just as important as looks when you’re dealing with the world’s best extracts. Few artists combine beautiful and pragmatic design as well as Mr. Gray. His recyclers not only look fantastic with their dichroic glass and accenting marbles, but also hit insanely well.

10) Wicked Glass

Fear the Kraken! Jimi from Wicked Glass is the king of sea monsters! Don’t get us wrong, we love skeleton fish as much as the next guy, but skeleton giant killer squids are way cooler. If you’re wondering how a giant squid could fit in your hand, find out with these bongs.

11) Disk of Slop

we are honored to have our collaboration piece “Radiation Transmutation Diva” nominated “Glass Collaboration of the year 2017” at the @ageshow .also I am really honored I could join this amazing collaboration project. I first met Banjo’s piece at the my friend’s head shop “XODAS” at Tokyo when I was 18 years old.i got huge inspiration from Banjo’s piece at that time.after that I went to the Eugene for take class of my master @bobsnodgrass1946 couple weeks. I really honored i could work with @banjoglass this year🙏my dreams came true. I really appreciate to my soul mates @yoshinorikondo & @roseroadskojima 🌈🌈 I want to thank all of the people who have been involved with me🙏❤🙏 #banjoglass #teamjapan 📷 by @jasonburruss

A post shared by DISK of SLOP (@disk_glass) on

One of the founding members of Team Japan, his collab with Banjo and the rest of Team Japan that we covered prior to their first US Show is on a short list for Collab of the Year at the American Glass Expo. Slop Cups have long been one of our favorite signature styles in the game and we’re not alone, Action Bronson and Cookies breeder Jigga count themselves among his patrons.

TELL US, who is your favorite glass artist?

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